Mobile App Developer Gives 40% of Income to Environmental Charities

That’s 40% of Income – Not Profit!


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- Darnster Software based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, UK has pledged to donate 40% of income received from downloads of an App called Chill Central ( to environmental charities.

Many working people have two handsets, one for work and one for personal use and keeping two devices charged constantly has a big impact on the environment. People can use Chill Central to control who can and can’t contact them based on entries in their work and personal calendars allowing them to make the switch to running a single device for work and personal use. Keeping just one handset charged is cheaper and saves time - more important though is that it’s great for the environment!

If a person travels on public transport at rush hour, they often see commuters checking emails and their social media sites using different phones. Running multiple handsets uses more network bandwidth requiring mobile operators, Wi-Fi providers and ISPs to increase their infrastructure - more infrastructure means more cooling and more impact to the environment. Surely it is better for the planet if people are able to use just one device.

There are barriers which prevent people from making the switch to a single device - often employers impose restrictions on the use of personal devices in the work place. Some corporations support BYOD (bring your own device) which is positive in environmental terms. Sharing mobile phone allowances with their employer isn't usually a problem since contracts these days are as generous as popcorn portions at cinemas and routinely include more minutes, texts and data than it is possible for even the hungriest of users to get through.

Where people are provided with corporate devices with an allowance for personal use they can consider installing apps such as Chill Central (which has become known as BYOA - bring your own apps) to separate work and home priorities - again this reduces the impact on the environment. In addition, self-employed people can also use this to their advantage if they need to switch off from work.

Chill Central uses simple rules to read calendar events and filter incoming calls and texts and makes use of existing features built in to Android phones, such as calendars and contact groups, e.g. a rule can be created to block calls from a coworkers if there’s an active entry in the specified calendar entitled “Annual Leave” or “Weekend”, etc. All blocked calls and texts are logged and the user can choose whether notifications of missed communications are displayed. A massive advantage with Chill Central is that it reads directly from the calendars and adapts automatically depending on the day and the time, only blocking when it’s correct to do so – similar to the out of office feature available in some email/calendar packages. The user does not need to enable or disable blocking manually as rules are only applied whilst calendar entries are active.

A number of environmental charities have already signed up including Friends of the Earth, the Earth Watch Institute and Climate Concern.

Chill Central is available exclusively from the Google Play Store and can be downloaded at: h ttps:// Charitable donations apply to ALL downloads registered in Google Play before 31st August 2014. All beneficiaries are listed on the Chill Central website at

About Darnster Software LLP
Darnster Software LLP was established in 2013 and was created to support Chill Central and other products developed and released by Darnster Software. Darnster specialises in the development of Mobile Applications for the Android Platform.