Mobile App Developer Launches New Strategy-Based iPhoneGame

Galaxy Feud, a turn-based multiplayer space strategy game by Tumbling Heads, launchesfall 2014


Boulder, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- Galaxy Feud, a new strategy-based, multiplayer sci-fi iOSapp from Tumbling Heads,will launch worldwide late fall 2014. The game concept was conceived of by brothers-in-law Martin Soederhamn and Tyler Vankanan, and isbased on the traditional pen and paper game Battleship. Galaxy Feud is a turn-based strategy game that takes place in space and offers 90 different abilities, from defensive skills to devastating nuclear attacks.

In Galaxy Feud, the player is the commander of a fleet of five spaceships with various skills. Similar to the classic Battleship board game, the enemy is unseen and the player’s position is also a mystery to the enemy. “Keeping your position a secret while finding and destroying the enemy is the challenge,” said Tumbling Heads founder Martin Soederhamn.

The app operates as a turn-based, multiplayer game in which players can challenge their friends to epic space battles. Players receive a notification when it is their turn to make a move, which allows them to take action with each of their ships. A player’s fleet consists of five ships, andeach has a primary weapon with the option of bringing two additional skills into the fight. With 90 total skills available, players will want to earn experience points and credits from each battle to unlock new weapons and skills and upgrade their ships. There are 25 experience levels available.

In addition to the gameplay, Galaxy Feud also features both a striking music soundtrack and a stunning graphic display. According to Soederhamn, “Space is a beautiful place which we have tried to capture in our game. Galaxy feud features awesome 3D ship models and lots of weapons animations and cool CGI”.

Designed for iOS, Galaxy Feud runs on iPhones3GS and newer. A separate version for iPads will be ready at a later date. The gamewas developed over the past 24 months by a team of international developers, musicians, and graphic artists employed by Tumbling Heads, a small indie game development company based out of Boulder, Colorado. “We have grand ideas and a lot of ambition” said Soederhamn. “We are gamers ourselves.We care about the games and the players. If we manage to create a game that our fans will enjoy, then we have truly succeeded”

About Tumbling Heads
Tumbling Heads is a Mobile Application Development company located in Boulder, Colorado. Founded in 2012 by Martin Soederhamn, the company creates apps for iPad and iPhone, improving on classic gameplay. Tumbling Heads and its team of talented graphic artists, musicians, and programmers have several games in the worksincluding Krazy Carnival, Voodoo Bob, Hexaquest, and TriviaAce - London 2012 – and the new major release, Galaxy Feud. For more information, visit