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Mobile App Hackathon in the Philippines

From the people who brought you this year’s WebGeek DevCup, a new hackathon experience is set to happen on December 1, 2012.


Makati City, Manila -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2012 -- From the people who brought you this year’s WebGeek DevCup , a new hackathon experience is set to happen on December 1, 2012. Smart DevNet and WebGeek bringing you the Foursquare Hack Day Philippines (#4SQHackPH) , an all-day mobile app hackathon that will give rise to the most creative and most skillful team to deliver the best mobile application using foursquare API .

We are calling all mobile app developers to put their skills to the test at the Foursquare Hackday Philippines at the Sadoce, 12/F Smart Tower, Ayala, Makati City, where participants will be given nine hours to craft a mobile app conforming to the theme to be given on the event itself.

For years, hackathons have been like the "American Idol" for developers according to Wired.com -- exploding in popularity and easily becoming a venue for companies and venture capitalists where new technologies and software are developed, and as a location for scouting innovation and funding. This has resulted in a wave of innovation and new businesses.

The team to emerge victorious will be handsomely rewarded with fantastic prizes! If you think you and your friends have what it takes to rise up to the challenge of creating a mobile app in a limited amount of time, then heed our call.

"We want to highlight the fact that developers are the ones who actually do the work in these applications. Normally, once the product is launched, no one remembers who the developers are. In hackathons the spotlight is on the developer" - Paul Pajo, Developer Evangelist at Smart DevNet

Get your tickets early and avail an 80% discount. These early bird tickets will be available on October 29, so be sure to mark your calendars. The slots are only limited. Decide now and grab your tickets. Regular ticket price will be at $25 USD per participant.

It’s going to be a great hackathon, so be sure to check out the full details at http://hackday.webgeek.ph/

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