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Mobile App Spyyourlove Declares: We Can Rid the World of Cheating

Spy your Love is mobile application that comes with controversial solution of partner's cheating and trust issues. Solution is based on mutual monitoring/sharing of phone calls, SMS and Facebook messages.


Slovakia, Europe -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- Spy your love is mobile application implementing unordinary “trust system” giving to your partner simple offer:  “You will see 40 characters of my every SMS, all my call history and overview of my Facebook communication, under condition that I will see same history/records of yours”. Fairly exchange is basic and only one limitation, motto of app is declaring “Mutual spying or nothing”.


- Users see 40 CHARACTERs of every SMS that their love receive or send.
- Users see all Call history of their partner (With names stored in his/her contact list).
- Users see Facebook conversation statistics (Name and number of messages per day).
- Users see last message of each Facebook conversation.
- Everything is in real-time. (Just few seconds after their partner receive call, SMS...)
- Deleting of SMS or Call logs doesn't help, There i no way how to hide activity or remove something (SMS, FB, Call))
- Mutual spying or nothing

Android version of „Spy your Love“ was launched day before Valentine 2013 and iPhone version is currently in the progress. Application is distributed in 2 versions. Free version is limited on 5 calls, 4 FB conversations and 2 SMS per day. Paid version is unlimited and is starting at 2.99€ /  3.99$. Application is localized to 9 languages (English, Spanish, Portugal, (German, Russian in progress), Chinese, Hindu, Czech and Slovak).

Application is spreading quickly even with 0$ marketing budget are downloads increasing daily, app has after first 10 days 400 new (free) installations per day and still growing (App doubled installations during the last 4 days).

Security & Privacy notes: All records older than 2 weeks are automatically deleted. All messages, names and numbers are encoded by secret code known only by users and his partner application.

Nobody (except their love) can decode their messages. All communication is secured by SSH and application is not using any login – password combination. (Zero danger of stealing or losing password)

About Better Tomorrow Apps
Better Tomorrow Apps is small and independent android development team  consisting of one developer and one designer, team is currently located in central Europe (Slovakia). Spy your Love is third application released by Better Tomorrow App team, team start working and releasing since October 2012.

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