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Mobile Apps Advice Forum AppsCashBook.com Grows to Nearly 200 Members


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- In today’s ever growing technologically driven society, smartphones have become a permanent fixture in the hands of the majority of people throughout the world. Aside from using the phones to speak with friends, family members and business associates and to check email, mobile apps are one of the most highly used features.

From games and driving directions to cameras and social networking, there are an endless number of apps being developed and downloaded on a daily basis, earning the app creators a sizable amount of money.

To learn how to create, develop and market money making apps, people are turning to the free online community, AppsCashBook.com. The site, which is quickly approaching its 200th member, provides a wide range of insightful information about iPhone apps, Android apps, site engine optimization for apps, current trends in apps, programs for iPhone apps and Android apps and much more. The site also features a free, easy-to-join forum where members can network and discuss the most effective techniques for developing and selling apps.

To date, there are hundreds of thousands of apps available for the iPad, iPhone, Android and other devices. And yet, according to the creator of AppsCashBook.com, “Appreneur,” there are not many quality resources available for people interested in creating, marketing and selling apps.

Appreneur says, “When I first became interested in creating apps, I researched tips and tricks online and found that most of the sites were simply pushing their products and ineffective methods. I decided to start a community for people who, like me, are interested in capitalizing on the app gold mine. At AppsCashBook.com, members can discuss, share and learn the apps business.”

AppsCashBook.com forum members have access to post topics, upload content, communicate privately with other members, respond to polls and also have access to many other member-only features.

For those people who have intriguing app ideas, but are not developers, AppsCashBook.com suggests hiring a designer to make their concepts come to life. The site provides an area within their forum where people can find app developers, designers and review writers.

Once a new app is developed, it is imperative to understand the best methods to promote it. AppsCashBook.com features a range of suggestions for ranking an app in some of the most popular search engines.

Additionally, the site allows people who have newly developed apps, ebooks or services to sell them in their Apps Shoppe.

For more information or to join the free online AppsCashBook community, visit http://appscashbook.com

About AppsCashBook.com
AppsCashBook.com is a growing online community dedicated to learning how to make money from mobile applications. The site features a free, easy-to-join forum and a wide range of detailed information about creating, developing, marketing and selling mobile apps.