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Avid Mobile Releases a New Collateral Builder

Avid Mobile releases collateral builder that is brand new.


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2012 -- In the modern mobile market SMS and text based marketing remain extremely popular, and extremely lucrative, options for marketing and direct customer communication. There are a few basic challenges and initial issues that should be worked through thoroughly when starting an SMS marketing campaign. Building collateral material that makes clients want to opt in, and finding other ways to build customer databases via SMS work arounds can be difficult concepts for companies new to E commerce. Leading online and mobile marketing specialists Avid Mobile are here to assist with everything from database management to collateral building and design services.

Avid Mobile offers a comprehensive and easy to understand collateral builder. Clients no longer have to fumble with the inability to build a database or collateral material that doesn’t suit their business needs. Avid Mobile designs and integrates collateral building to appear as if it were done top to bottom by the client itself. Featuring the kind of collateral material that will rapidly and consistently encourage customers to go the extra step and opt in. They can even assist with the basic steps of launching a brand, like logos, branding and other graphic design necessities that help develop turn collateral into a functional customer database.

The right kind of collateral material doesn’t just spam out to potential customers. It engages and promotes a direct response that can be measured in terms of customer interest and increased sales. Avid Mobile and its’ collateral material department specialize in generating the right kind of collateral. Material that leads to opt ins, database construction and the proper lead ins to building a solid return on investment are all specialties of Avid Mobile.

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