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Mobile Consultant Giacomo Balli Will Teach at Ohlone College CA This Semester

The iOS entrepreneur, mentor and developer will share his knowledge on mobile app monetization strategies. He will also share his app store optimization secrets with the students.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2013 -- Giacomo Balli, a mobile consultant, will now teach at Ohlone College CA, this semester. The iOS entrepreneur, developer and mentor will share his expertise on various strategies on mobile app monetization and secrets about his own app store optimization processes with the students.

The entrepreneur is a freelance iPhone and iPad app developer who has even contributed in the field of advanced apps that are presently on sale at the App Store. In addition, he also initiates to improve existing apps and even come up with customized applications for various companies that offer lucrative commission.

Balli says, “I solve problems. I help my clients to find ways for streamlining processes and even provide required service to mobile users. I also offer exclusive service for multi-platform development in PhoneGap. I am even going to share my expertise in CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 with the students of Ohlone College during my interaction with the students.”

Giacomo Balli will be delivering fruitful insight to various strategies related to mobile app monetization strategies. This would also help the students to stay focused while coming up with their ideas of applications for mobile gadget in future.

The application developer even added, “I am a believer in original content and new ideas and would inculcate the same among the college students. I am also going to share my ideas of making lightweight custom frameworks and assistance in debugging and even help in following effective app monetization guide.”

He is going to provide effective insight into various app store optimization services and strategies and help students to understand their necessity while coming up with useful app ideas in future.

Stacy Jones, a student of Ohlone College says, “I am looking forward to get few tips on mobile app monetization strategies from this reputed developer. We are hoping that the sessions would certainly help us to understand the business of effective app development and strategies to market them on a global platform.”

Giacomo Balli even initiates effective performance analysis that helps in running the developed apps smoothly in the long run.

About Giacomo Balli
Giacomo Balli is a reputed freelance applications developer for iPhones and iPads. He is well versed in developing PhoneGap multi-platform. His effective custom framework technique helps to keep projects simple and the developer is also trained to make customized application. He uses effective app monetization strategies for utilizing the app platform for generating revenue. For details, visit the mobile consultant website