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Mobile Display Advertising Company, Utappy, Launches Unique Pixel Solution for Mobile Billing Advertisers

Expected to launch in Q4, integrating cross promotional features into Mobile Content campaigns


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- Utappy, the leading mobile advertising company, has launched a new solution for mobile billing advertisers, integrating its tracking platform with multiple mobile billing optimization tools. These tools provide add-on layers for existing campaign including cross promotion of pages, User recharge token, billing identifier token and retargeting token, giving mobile billing advertisers new opportunities to acquire and monetize their users.

Mobile operator billing for goods and products is estimated for around 1.6 billion monthly transactions worldwide, and is more common than credit card billing in more than 65 countries. Advertisers of products sold via mobile user billing, encounter a range of charging issues as each user's billing limitations and affordability, user identity frauds, operators cancellation request and rigid collection terms from operators. Advertisers are now able to use several new billing indicators and tracking analytics to assist in their users' acquisition, retargeting and billing.

“Cross promotion of advertiser pages and virtual goods existed for a while now, but never migrated to mobile content campaigns, neglecting the key concern in user acquisition efforts, and that is billing data.” said Barak Duek, Utappy's Director of Strategic Accounts. “Many advertisers don't realize the potential in user billing analytics, or don't have the tools to fulfill that potential. We hope to see mobile user tracking and cross-media visibility take shape in the coming years”

The company has reported to finish its Beta testing with participating clients during Q3, and will release all 4 pixel tools for free implementation to both new and existing advertisers alike.

The tracking tools will be based on integration of code snippets and will deliver information between the advertiser servers and Utappy’s Ad-hosting platform.

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