Mobile Marketing Course to Help Small Business in Chicago


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2012 -- Big businesses throughout the Chicago area have already learned what mobile marketing can do for revenue, even in spite of a tough economy. Mobile phone marketing has the potential to engage and connect with today's consumers like no other marketing method yet has. Big businesses are already using mobile strategies to boost revenues, and now there is help available for small businesses in the Chicago area that also want to take advantage of mobile marketing strategies.

Mobile Marketing Chicago is a new online resource aimed particularly for small business owners. Chicago small business owners can receive all the help they need to establish a winning mobile marketing strategy that will connect with and engage their customers in new ways. Mobile Marketing Chicago teaches small business owners how to maximize mobile marketing strategy to enrich and grow their businesses, in spite of the slow economic growth that hampers our country today.

Part of the appeal of Mobile Marketing Chicago is the innovative video training course. This is a completely free resource for small business owners. The free mobile marketing training course focuses on helping small business owners learn all the ins and outs of a mobile marketing campaign, including mobile website building, mobile apps development, and bulk SMS messaging. Bulk SMS messaging in particular is extremely cost-effective, and the free video training will teach Chicago small business owners how to use it at its best.

Restaurant owners have already taken the leap toward mobile. Restaurant mobile marketing can offer immediate results and profits.

About Mobile Marketing Chicago
Michael Armstrong is a mobile marketing professional who developed the free video training course and founded Mobile Marketing Chicago. His full intent is to guide small business owners and assist them in establishing effective mobile marketing strategies. The world of mobile marketing has been somewhat confusing for small business owners, and Mr. Armstrong intends to remove that confusion and make mobile marketing more accessible for every organization.

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