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Mobile Money Logbook Loans Helping UK Consumers Have Happy Holidays


Worcestershire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2011 -- As Mobile Money reminds consumers that logbook loans are here to help at Christmas, more UK consumers are applying to help pay for a happier holiday. Mobile Money can provide a same day logbook loan for UK consumers needing extra holiday cash.

With travel, presents and other expenses, the Christmas holiday always strains finances. As the UK’s first car logbook loan company, Mobile Money has been increasingly bridging the gap for UK consumers over the holidays. “More UK consumers are taking advantage of the fact that they can get a short term holiday loan from us in less than 30 minutes, which lessens their financial pressure during the holidays,” said Mobile Money Operations Director Simon Furnival.

Logbook loans work by allowing car owners to submit their car logbook (V5) to Mobile Money for a short-term cash loan. The company sets up installment payments and holds onto the logbook and MOT certificate until the logbook loan has been repaid. The logbook loans UK specialists can provide a loan ranging from £200 to £25,000, depending on car value. With payback arrangements as long as 36 months and owners retaining the use of their car during the loan, consumers can enjoy the holidays without undue stress.

Since every same-day car logbook loan amount is based on the car value and ability to repay, each application is treated on its own merits. The logbook loans UK specialists do not require bank accounts, however, clients are asked to prove income, age, England or Wales residency and clear or nearly clear car financing and legal ownership. “We can help the self employed or those with bad credit history, so everyone can breathe a sigh of relief that logbook loans are here to help at Christmas for everyone,” said Furnival.

With 33 branches throughout England and Wales, car owners can borrow against a wide variety of vehicles both new and older than ten years. Most forms of payment are accepted including cash into Mobile Money branches or any branch of Barclays Bank, postal orders, bankers draft, debit cards and standing order payments. However, credit cards and direct debit are not accepted. “There is no penalty for early settlement so customers are charged only for the months they have the loan,” said Furnival. For more information, please visit http://www.mobilemoney.co.uk

About Mobile Money
Founded in 1998, Mobile Money is the UK's leading logbook loans lender with thousands of happy customers. Cash loans can be obtained six days per week within 15 minutes of calling them or at one of 33 branches throughout the UK. Mobile Money is a member of CCTA and is regulated and licensed by the Office of Fair Trading.