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Mobile Phone Deals Compares the UK’s Major Mobile Phone Retailers, Sorts the Best from the Rest


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2012 -- In a recent study researchers found that a majority of people would choose to go without sex before they’d go without their mobile phone. As shocking as that sounds, it clearly highlights the importance of mobile phones in today’s society; initially a luxury, now mobiles are an essential item which the majority of people can’t live without.

As contracts expire and phones become out of date or obsolete, millions across the UK turn to their local retailers in order to either sign up for a new mobile phone contract or purchase the latest PAYG mobile. With mobile phones being a significant expense, people everywhere want to make sure they’re getting the best deal, but visiting every single retailer and wading through pages and pages of contract fine-print has made it all but impossible... until now.

MobilePhoneDeals.com has launched as the nation’s leading mobile comparison site, offering the biggest range of contract and PAYG mobile deals ever available in one location. For those regularly singing up for new contracts on the basis of dishonest marketing speak or those who purchase a PAYG mobile only to find it significantly cheaper elsewhere the following week, Mobile Phone Deals is the answer.

Saving their visitors money is a particular passion for the team at Mobile Phone Deals and they work tirelessly every day to ensure the deals they offer and the retailers they source their deals from are the absolute best in the industry. “We thoroughly research the deals we offer to ensure we give you the cheapest and most inexpensive phone contracts,” their website promises. Finally, an independent unbiased source exists to make sense of complex mobile phone contracts and PAYG mobiles; MobilePhoneDeals.com

For those who are searching for the best range of deals on phones, Mobile Phone Deals also delivers. Literally hundreds of handsets across thousands of contract and PAYG options mean there is literally a deal tailor-made for every single visitor to the site. For users in love with a particular handset, for example, Mobile Phone Deals offers the ability to choose that phone and view every single contract and PAYG option available on that model across all of the UKs leading phone retailers within seconds. The Mobile Phone Deals team have even compiled a resource of free gifts currently available with mobile contracts. Does it get any better than that?

Finally, UK residents everywhere have a new best friend in the search for the absolute best in mobile phone deals. Whether it’s the most affordable contract on a favorite phone, the best deal on a PAYG mobile or simply the perfect free gift, MobilePhoneDeals.com has something for everyone. Aptly named, Mobile Phone deals delivers exactly that; nothing but the best mobile phone deals from the best UK phone retailers, every time.

About Mobile Phone Deals
MobilePhoneDeals.com is a fresh, new comparison site offering over a million different deals on contracts and PAYG mobile phones. It compares all major UK retailers including the ever-popular Play.com and Mobiles.co.uk, saving the consumer a huge amount of time by bringing all the mobile phone deals offered by retailers into the one place. For more information, visit http://www.mobilephonedeals.com