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Mobile Phone Manufacturing Market in India 2016-2020; New Market Research Report by NOVONOUS

NOVONOUS has announced the addition of “Mobile Manufacturing Market in India 2016 - 2020" research report to their website


Bangalore, India-- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 -- The third largest Smartphone market in the world currently, India is far from being saturated. With more than 185 million connections as of now and another half a billion to be added by 2020, the sheer scale of the market is attracting domestic and foreign players like and in the recent past The industry has witnessed huge inclination of mobile handsets manufacturers to manufacture phones in India.

Low cost production due to cheap resource, proximity to markets and the huge market potential are the drivers to this inclination. As of March 2016, India has already taken the second position in the list of biggest markets globally after China, overtaking USA. The mobile ecosystem directly provided employment to 2.4 million people in India in 2015, both in the formal and informal sector. These statistics although are for the while mobile ecosystem and not only for handsets. With the current penetration of around 80% for mobile phones, India is set to achieve 94% penetration by the year 2020. In addition, the Smartphone segment is fast overpowering the feature phone segment and is set to grow from 148 million to 690 million.

Ambarish Kumar Verma, Managing Director of NOVONOUS Business Consulting Private Limited said "The government in the recent time has shown explicit interest in the "Digital India" and "Make in India" plans and mobile manufacturers are to play an important part in that. The government aims at using the mobile penetration to contribute to the economic and social development in India by delivering digital inclusion to the still unconnected population, financial inclusion to the unbanked population and to deliver innovative apps and services. The recent plan of the government to launch a mobile application (app) which would serve as the single point access to all the governmental services is one prime example."

The in-house production of mobile phones would boost the economy and help the GDP of the nation. Also, the net import/export ratio would improve drastically. The "Digital India" plan has mainly three vision areas; digital infrastructure, digital empowerment and government services on demand. And these visions can be fulfilled only by high penetration of mobile networks and low cost availability of handsets.

Given the context of mobile phones in India, the main question arises as to what does it take to start production in a country. This report aims at answering this very question. Ranging from raw material availability, to labor abundance, to government policies, to domestic market; this report aims at contrasting these aspects in depth against the currents hubs (countries) of mobile production and highlights where India is lagging or leading with respect to its brethren. This report also gives an insight into the current domestic market of India. The segmentations based on phone type and various other customer attributes and their growth predictions of the future are also included in this report.

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Spanning over 87 pages and 51 exhibits, "Mobile Manufacturing Market in India 2016 - 2020" report presents an in-depth assessment of the industry from 2016 till 2020.

The report has detailed company profiles including their position in mobile manufacturing value chain, financial performance analysis product and service wise business strategy, SWOT analysis and key product details for 6 key players namely; Samsung Electronics Ltd., Micromax, Intex, LAVA International Limited, Xiaomi Inc. and Karbonn.

Scope of Mobile Manufacturing Market in India 2016 – 2020 Report:

1.This report discusses prevailing scenario of India's mobile handset manufacturing market.

2.This report identifies India's position global mobile manufacturing market

3.This report provides segments wise forecast for mobile manufacturing industry in India.

4.The report identifies various credit, policy and technical risks associated with mobile manufacturing industry in India.

5.This report has detailed profiles 6 key players in mobile manufacturing industry in India covering their business strategy, future forecasts and SWOT analysis.

6.This report covers in details the competitive landscape in mobile manufacturing industry in India.

7.This report provides PESTLE (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental) analysis for mobile manufacturing industry in India

8.This report provides Porter's Five Forces analysis for mobile manufacturing industry in India.

9.This report provides SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis for mobile manufacturing industry in India.

10.This report identifies the key challenges faced by new players in mobile manufacturing industry in India.

11.This report provides current and future trends and opportunities for mobile manufacturing industry in India.

12.This report also provides key marketing strategies used by players in regards to mobile manufacturing industry in India.

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