Mobile Point of Sale Technology: Global Market Size and Growth Drivers Research Report to 2020 include new market research report"2020 Foresight Report: Mobile Point of Sale Technology " to its huge collection of research reports.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Initially mobile point of sale (MPOS) technology was targeted at small enterprises who could not afford a conventional point of sale (POS) solution, either because of financial restrictions or because of the mobile nature of their business operation. However, developments in the retail and service sectors suggest that the technology is not only making inroads into large stores but areas not previously outlined for its use. Demand is being driven by the number of benefits the technology offers, such as improved levels of customer service. MPOS solutions process card payments at anytime and in any location. The global MPOS industry registered significant growth in terms of the volume of terminals in operation during 2011?2012.

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Competitors such as Square, iZettle, mPowa, SumUp, VeriFone, Intuit and PayPal are aiding the growth of MPOS technology by making it accessible to smaller enterprises. Over the forecast period, the volume of terminals is expected to increase, driven by growth in the retail sector, increased online trade, a rise in smartphone usage and card penetration.


This report provides a comprehensive analysis of mobile point of sale technology along with key drivers and challenges
It provides current and future market size forecasts for MPOS adoption and its share of total POS systems globally
Highlights regions with relatively high adoption levels and potential hotspots for investment in this technology
Details key business strategies adopted by MPOS solution providers to expand their operations
Illustrates implications of its adoption through the help of detailed case studies
Provides best practices for MPOS solution providers and merchants for smooth adoption of MPOS terminals
Gives insight into key players in the industry and their marketing strategies

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Make business decisions using current market size data and forecasts related to MPOS adoption in various industries and different regions around the globe
Understand the key drivers of MPOS technology and the challenges and limitations faced by it
Assessment of the benefits that result from its adoption in various business sectors
Gain insight into key business strategies being adopted by competitors

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