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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- Modern technology has brought us yet another application in the safety mobile software category. There are many mobile phone spy programs available in the market today. Some are great; some average while others are terrible. Mobile phone spy apps are basically used to monitor the daily activities of a target cell phone discreetly. Spy software for computers have been around for quite some time but now that communications, internet and social media are being widely accessed via mobile phones, there is a greater chance of being hacked and scammed. This is where mobile monitoring software such as Mobistealth proves to be very helpful.

Mobistealth comes in very handy especially to keep track on the most important and vulnerable activities. Mobile phones are now essential gadgets for kids as it helps parents to keep in touch with their children and help them when they are in need. Then again, children, especially teenagers, are very vulnerable and are easy targets for scammers, thieves and other more dangerous criminals who prowl the virtual world. In this case, using mobile monitoring software is not about spying on one’s child but rather about keeping them safe. Same applies to businessmen who must keep track of their employees’ activities and make certain that there is no misuse of their confidential information. It is also a great way to follow and control phone related expenditure.

Relationships can also be saved by using this software as a surveillance tool to monitor the activities of one’s significant other. In point of fact, use of Mobistealth isn’t limited by a single idea but is open to the user’s imagination and initiative to optimize its use according to their needs. Mobistealth works invisibly using advanced stealth technology so that no one but the user knows. The data is then uploaded to the user’s online account where they can view all of the activities recorded on the target phone on which Mobistealth has been installed.

Mobistealth is a comprehensive and cost-effective mobile monitoring software. The software includes a number of advanced surveillance features to monitor cell phone activities discreetly. It comes with a 10 day money back guarantee so there’s zero risk. For more information please go to

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