mobiles2money Gains Attention for Its Mobile Phone Selling Price Comparison Technology


Colchester, Essex -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2012 -- Mobile phones are one of the most swiftly replaced pieces of technology. Their capabilities seem to advance on a monthly basis, and as soon as the new model comes on the market the last one seems insufferably lo-tech and passé. Most mobile phone aficionados, who see a phone as a lifestyle choice rather than just a tool, accumulate plenty of older models. This has lead to a large number of companies springing up, offering cash payments for old mobile phones.

One company that is gathering a lot of attention for facilitating generous payments for old mobiles is, a UK based business offering people an easy, lucrative and environmentally friendly way to dispose of their old mobile phones.

The site currently allows visitors to sell their old mobile phones for up to a staggering £571. Phones that used to be top of the line a few years ago will generally command generous payments, and even more basic models can net the seller a respectable sum.

The reason that offers higher than average market rates is that they actually compare the prices from 27 mobile phone buying companies, so their users can always be sure of getting the best price no matter which model they have. For users who wish to sell mobile phones, using recycling company comparisons can give them confidence that they have found the best deal.

The site offers visitors an easy way to determine the value of their old mobiles. Phones can be browsed by brand, or the entire list can be searched by model. The list of mobile phones that will accept is extremely large, and a full colour photo accompanies most entries, facilitating easy identification.

A spokesperson for the site said:

“Most people get a new phone at least every 18 months, and serious technology fans replace their phones even more often. There are few people who don’t have their old phones gathering dust at the bottom of a drawer, once loved dearly but now long forgotten. Even worse, they are often disposed of in a way that is incredibly damaging to the environment. If you don’t recycle, mobile phones can have a serious negative environmental impact. When people get their hands on the latest shiny new gadget, their old phone seems worthless, and it’s easy to forget that it might be worth a considerable amount to someone else. Here at, we turn those old mobile phones into healthy cash payments that are often incredibly surprising to our customers. Also if consumers recycle mobile phones they can feel satisfied that they are helping the environment. ”

About is a mobile phone recycling comparison web site. They have been established for around four years and have helped thousands of people sell their old, unwanted or broken mobile phones for the highest possible price thanks to a comparison of all the major mobile phone recycling companies.

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