Mobility 123 Now Provides Practical Market Specific Info as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist


Absecon, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- The local New Jersey company, Mobility123, is proud to announce that they have earned certification as an Aging in Place Specialist. With this certification, they are able to provide the most all-inclusive market of information when it comes to assisting elders for home remodeling. This certification is specifically designed to educate those in managing a business, customer service, and effectively servicing those in this market. The stair lift company in NJ simply enables elders to be able to live in a safe home and on their own no matter how old they are, or how much money they make.

Mobility123 is one of the few select groups across the whole nation that has earned this certification. They are known to be specialized with the proper skills and information that are needed to equip and modify a home with the proper changes that will meet the needs of older adults. Stairslifts for New Jersey homes are equipped with mobility solutions to meet not only the owners, but also any visitors who stop by as well. Mobility123 is proud to have earned this certification being that they still value the fact they are a family owned business, giving mobility solutions to those in need.

Those who are a part of the Certified Aging in Place program have some of the most experienced builders, remodelers, and designers in the industry that have the skillset that give homeowners in need of mobility solutions a safe home and environment to live in. For stair lifts in Philadelphia, Mobility123 has all the solutions that are required by the Aging in Place program. One can be sure that they continue to maintain their certification with participating in community service. Ryan Penn from Mobility123 stated, “I look forward to helping homeowners in New Jersey make the changes they need to enable them to live in their homes for a long time.” This goes to show their dedication and honor for earning the Aging in Place certification.

About Mobility123
Mobility123 has had nearly 10 years of experience in mobility solutions industry where they continue to be a family owned and operated business. There mission is quite simple, it is to offer mobility solutions to each and every clients individual needs. Mobility123 is dedicated to providing the best customer service and quality products so one can easily can have access throughout their home or office. They have the experience and knowledge in medical equipment to offer a wide range of services and tips for all those in need at affordable prices that are high quality.

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