Mobility 123 Reveals New Tips and Tricks to Avoid Falling


Absecon, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2012 -- Mobility 123 is happy to reveal their new tips and tricks to avoid falling and how to reduce the risk of getting injured. Some people may not be aware of the damages and health problems that can come about from falling down. With stairlifts in New Jersey available from Mobility 123, they take out some of the fear that the elderly have when living at home. This allows those who live by themselves or need assistance to not lose all their functional independence. Mobility 123 revealed that in the year of 2009 more than 20,442 adults have passed away due to a fall, 305 of those being from New Jersey. With these tips and tricks they can help the elderly or disabled to prevent falls from happening.

The stair lift company of New Jersey can decrease one of the leading causes of deaths among older adults. By exercising regularly, the professionals at Mobility 123 believe it can give elderly or older adults increased flexibility, which can strengthen their body. When it comes to shoes, it is important to have the proper footwear. For example, diabetics wear shoes that help them, just like track stars where the lightest spikes possible. By having a non-slip bottom, this will allow one to sustain a better chance of not slipping on any spills or wet areas in the home.

Having stair lifts in Philadelphia installed in one’s home can reduce the risk of falling up or down the stairs when moving from floor to floor. This makes it effortless to travel throughout the home without straining one’s body or becoming a struggle to get around. Stair Lifts are a great way to gain back independence making them reliable and easy to use. For those who have trouble getting around, are elderly, or just plain clumsy, this makes it important to be prepared in case on does fall and needs help. For starters, be sure to stay down for a minute, stay calm, and use anything sturdy nearby to assist in getting up. If this is not possible, try to get in a comfortable position and call for help. If one happens to live by themselves, schedule a time for a loved one or friend to call everyday at a certain time, this way they will be able to know if the family member is ok or not. Installing stair lifts in NJ are a great way to reduce falling down a flight of stairs and getting injured.

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