Mobility123 Announces Availability of Wheelchair Ramps


Absecon, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2015 -- For individuals with limited mobility, wheelchair ramps, lifts, scooters and other mobility solutions can make the difference between being completely home-bound and enjoying a life just as full as the one they experienced prior. Those who have previously pursued an active lifestyle with friends and family should not feel limited to their homes when so many accessible, affordable mobility solutions exist to help them safely transport themselves from place to place. Mobility123, a leading provider of these mobility solutions, including wheelchair ramps, in NJ and beyond, has announced that it is currently providing stair lifts, ramps, bath safety installations and more in order to help senior citizens or others with mobility issues move both easily and safely throughout their day.

In many locations, wheelchair ramps are a required part of a public building's construction, as per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Private homes, however, do not necessarily need to provide wheelchair ramps at entrances, making life far more difficult than it needs to be for those with limited mobility, who use wheelchairs or scooters for their primary means of short-distance transportation. At Mobility123, those looking to make their homes or offices more easily accessible to individuals who use wheelchairs will find a huge variety of aesthetically pleasing, affordable ramp solutions. Home wheelchair ramps are available in aluminum, steel and wood models. Those who are not looking to invest in a permanent installation, or individuals for whom traveling to places where no ramp is guaranteed is of serious concern, can view a wide variety of convenient, portable ramp solutions on the Mobility123 website.

Along with wheelchair ramps, Mobility123 is also the leading provider of home mobility solutions, including wheelchair lifts, bathroom safety solutions, vehicle lifts and stair lifts in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. The company is happy to provide clients with advice and consultations regarding the best independent living solutions for their unique situation.

For more information on the services and rentals available through Mobility123, or to speak with a representative of the company, call 800-603-0830 or visit

About Mobility123
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