Mobility123 Provides in-Home Elevators to Those in Need


Absecon, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2017 -- Residents who are having difficulty moving throughout their home, or who know someone who is, can call Mobility123 for an in-home elevator installation. Elevators are no longer confined to hotels. As the materials have become more affordable, elevator technology is now being used to assist residents with their in-home mobility. Mobility123 is proud to announce that they are now able to provide an in-home elevator in Philadelphia, PA, along with other local areas, for any resident who is having trouble moving about their property.

Installing a stair lift in Philadelphia is no longer the only option for those who are having difficulty navigating their home. Elevators offer an increased sense of safety and independence, especially for the elderly or those who are wheelchair-bound. While the traditional choice for improved home mobility is the stair lift, more and more residents are transitioning to elevators because their stairs are unfit for stair lift installation, or they are concerned about themselves or a loved one falling from the lift or not being able to get onto the chair. Elevators are also useful for homes with small children, as they can help to prevent falls and accidents that may result from accidents on the stairs.

Homeowners who are interested in taking the next step in safety with an in-home elevator or stair lift are encouraged to contact Mobility123 by calling 800-603-0830 to learn more today. Elevators can also be found online at, where interested parties can view their complete catalog of available products.

About Mobility123
Family-owned and operated since 2003, the Mobility123 team specializes in Independent Living Solutions and Accessible Construction Remodeling. The company performs extensive on-site evaluations, then designs Personalized Accessibility Solutions for problematic areas. They assist individuals with limited abilities, seniors and caregivers with solutions that allow them to overcome the daily challenges of everyday living. Doing so allows Mobility123's clients to remain comfortably and independently in the home they love.

Call the Mobility123 Safe Living Team today at 856-528-9366 to see how we can assist you with Personalized Accessibility Solutions.