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Mobirise Bootstrap Builder Presents Free Icon Font


Eindhoven, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2017 -- Mobirise, the popular supplier of website building tools, provides an icon font, Mobirise Icons. Mobirise created a simple but powerful website builder, it's an easy and flexible tool for creating responsive mobile-friendly sites. It's suitable for non-coders, designers, and for other customers who want to save their time: the app has a WYSIWYG interface and a collection of pre-made site blocks in several themes. These themes are based on Bootstrap.

The Mobirise web building software is free, and Mobirise users can use it for nonprofit and profitable projects - landing pages, portfolios, stores, etc. Now Mobirise shares a free icon font, Mobirise Icons.

This free icon font is presented in 2 grids: 24px for Android, and 30px for iOS. 124 icons can be divided into 7 categories: "Mobile-friendly", "Shopping", "Navigation", "Symbols", "Editing", "Site Elements", and "Account". They can be placed to pages in the Mobirise website builder app, and independently. The font can be downloaded for free, it is also available in SVG. A simple tutorial for beginners is available on the Mobirise Icons site.

"Icon fonts are widely used at this time. It's an excellent way to lower your page weight - instead of images, you can use icons from a single font that should be loaded once. You can edit these icons using CSS rules, and it opens many possibilities for editing: you can style and animate your icons," says Jorgen Baart. "So we provide another tool to help web designers - for free."

In a how-to available on the site, it is explained the process of adding fonts to HTML pages, and how to make icons appear. Also, there are some tricks with combining icons and changing their style, applying transition effects and using keyframes.

One of the customers said, "I like the variety of these icons, and they are categorized, so it's effortless to select a needed one. Of course, these icons are quite basic, but when I create a complex project, this collection really makes my life easier - it is lightweight and useful."

More information on Mobirise Website Builder and Mobirise Icons are available here:

Media Contact:
Mobirise, C/o Jorgen Baart, Product Director
Eindhoven, Netherlands