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Mobirise HTML Website Builder Integrates Publication to Github Pages


Eindhoven, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2017 -- Mobirise, the provider of various tools for web designers, adds the option to publish sites to Github Pages. The main Mobirise product is the Mobirise Website Builder app that allows to create a modern, mobile-friendly and good-looking site fastly and without coding. It works as a constructor where customers select what blocks should be added: navbars, sliders, galleries, intro-blocks, media, and article blocks.

Mobirise includes several themes based on Bootstrap. The app is free and can be used for making sites for commercial and non-profit purposes - it's a tool to showcase your projects, products, stories online. It also proposes several free extensions, though there are also some paid offers.

Earlier Mobirise had the Google Drive option of publishing, but since Google Drive disabled website hosting, this option was discontinued on August 31st 2016. Github Pages offers a hosting for static pages from Github repositories, and since Mobirise generates static pages with no back end, it's a suitable hosting solution. Github Pages domains are served over HTTPS. To publish a site to Github Pages from Mobirise Bootstrap Builder it's needed to sign up to create a Github account, choose this option of publishing in the Mobirise Publish window and name a site directory.

"It is good for those who need to create a nice page to host it on Github pages - they can use our app to proceed, and for our initial users as well," comments Jorgen Baart, Product Manager, "Now they can check their pages online without a paid hosting again."

A simple tutorial is available for beginners. Github Pages service has some limitations: 10 builds per hour, published sites may be no larger than 1GB.

"The program is very pleasant, a simple and easy way to create a website", comments one of Mobirise users, "Of course, there are some issues, but it's a developing program - it happens frequently with them I guess, I'm satisfied anyway. I would like to note that the use of this website builder with the advent of free web hosting has become much more enjoyable and easier. If I previously had to look for a hosting company to resolve various issues, now everything has become much more convenient to use."

For more information on Mobirise Website Builder and view Github Pages tutorial, visit:

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Mobirise, C/o Jorgen Baart, Product Director
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