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Mobirise Website Builder Collaborates with Bootstrap Themes Developers


Eindhoven, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2016 -- Mobirise, the major provider of Web Design Software, again cooperates with a theme developer to present a new theme in their app.

Mobirise is the company that offers the Mobirise Website Builder, an easy solution for making websites. It allows creating sites by means of pre-made blocks included in a theme chosen. These blocks can be customized without coding; the app offers drag-and-drop features instead. The basis for these blocks is the theme a customer selects. The Mobirise comes with a free standard theme by default, but also there are several paid solutions. For example, the PurityM theme is a paid theme provided by Mobirise. The Unicore theme is distributed independently by the ElectricBlaze team, third-party developer.

Now there is another one theme added, the Sleek theme. It was created by Theme.Express, thus Mobirise collaborates with theme suppliers to extend their product and satisfy their community. The Sleek theme contains nearly 20 blocks including headers, media blocks, countdowns and media blocks. Users can also find the standard Mobirise article blocks included, but these are slightly changed to match the theme.

"Yet another theme is added in our extensions and themes list," announces Jorgen Baart. "We glad that theme developers are willing to integrate their themes to Mobirise, it will make the process of creating sites so easy, it's even hard to believe. It's a great solution for website makers and for people who aren't familiar with web-design but want to create simple and effective landing pages as well."

Mobirise hopes to release API soon, so other theme makers will be able to join, but it is still in a private beta. Thus, Theme.Express and their product, the Sleek theme is another try.

One of the Mobirise customers said, "It's cheap, but it provides enough tools, I guess it will be easier to support it, I really glad to obtain it. This work is also stunning and now I have more options to use, my clients will be very amazed, and my competitors are terrified already! It didn't seem easy to me to start designing something modern and effective, but this tool is certainly a way to go, thank you, Mobirise Bootstrap Builder and Theme.Express".

The Sleek theme will be available in the Extensions and Themes list soon. At this time clients can check the Theme.Express site to find it. They can also purchase it on ThemeForest already; it includes the extension in it.

For more information on Mobirise Website Builder and Sleek Bootstrap Template, visit

Media Contact:
Mobirise, C/o Jorgen Baart, Product Director
Eindhoven, Netherlands