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Mobirise Website Builder Collaborates with WOWSlider to Make a Slider Extension


Eindhoven, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2016 -- Mobirise, the creators of Mobirise Responsive Website Builder, presented a special extension for their product. It is based on a famous carousel maker, WOWSlider.

Mobirise Website Builder is a great helper for designers and site makers who don't have enough time or skills to work with code, or simply find it easier and more convenient to work with a WYSIWYG solution because sites are more about structured information and design than about coding itself. Mobirise offers a tool for building sites using pre-made blocks. It also has several various themes and sometimes promotes third-party template solutions.

WOWSlider slideshow maker is a desktop app for creating image carousels that allows adding them to web pages easily without coding. There are many skins and transition effects available in the WOWSlider app, and all these features are also in the extension now. Other transferred features are titles and descriptions for sliders, different layouts, and adjustable slider timeout and effect duration. Of course, it's limited in comparison with the WOWSlider app, but it's full-functional and contains enough features for producing visually-spectacular blocks.

"We are trying to add more and more extensions to our app to extend its functionality. Some of them are free and some are for sale?" - comments Jorgen Baart. "We understand that our bootstrap carousel block is quite bounded, though its simplicity is suitable. The WOWSlider extension is cheaper than the WOWSlider app, so it is an affordable solution for those who want some extended tool for making slideshows."

The WOWSlider extension can be found in the Extensions & Themes list along with ten more add-ons.

Here is some feedback provided by Mobirise users: "We have been using WOWSlider for three years already, and started using Mobirise last year. Thanks for this, it makes everything even easier. I add this block, toggle some switches, place my content and that's all, no need to upload my files separately or change the paths to my files, awesome!"

Mobirise's purpose is to make their users happy, and they achieve this accurately satisfying their users' actual needs. So this collaboration is another fact that proves this position.

Media Contact:
Mobirise, C/o Jorgen Baart, Product Director
Eindhoven, Netherlands