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Mobirise Website Builder Delivers New Themes for Building Lightning Fast Websites


Truro, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2018 -- Mobirise, a well-known company which produces web design applications, releases an update which is going to fascinate its customers with the newest enhancements.

Since recently, Mobirise Website Builder started delivering free AMP page templates. These themes are supposed to make users' web pages load faster than usual ones. Mobirise applied the unique AMP structure to the template, so users don't need to make any code changes manually.

Mobirise AMP Website Builder allows choosing from two themes: Mobirise AMP and Black AMP. Mobirise AMP is a free Bootstrap AMP Page template which contains more than 30 blocks. There are even more blocks in the Black AMP site theme. It offers a vast amount of headers, sliders, cards, article blocks with various features like background images, icons, gradients and much more as opposed to the first one. Websites created with these templates can be viewed both on desktop and mobile devices delivering an outstanding user experience in particular on smartphones.

The latest version comes along with updates of existing Mobirise themes. Now users can switch to the version of the application or themes translated into their native languages.

"This way we wanted our customers to be focused on designing and enjoy the process, as we know that there are many users who aren't familiar with the English language," stated Jorgen Baart, Product Director. "This speeds up the working process. Generally speaking, our intention at that time is improving our application and themes in order to make everything faster: the development and page load speed. Our clients' time matters a lot to us."

Lately, Mobirise put several topic-focused free Bootstrap templates developed with the standard Mobirise4 theme. Any user can download them for free and start altering pre-made solution which requires less time for working on a website project.

About Mobirise
Mobirise is a free website development software for Win and Mac users. Mobirise is perfect for non-coders as it doesn't require any programming knowledge. Mobirise Website Builder can as well be used by professional web designers who want to create websites as fast as possible. Mobirise provides several easy-to-use Bootstrap themes the last of which are AMP themes.

For more information on the latest release or to download the Mobirise Website Builder:

Media Contact:
Mobirise, C/o Jorgen Baart, Product Director
Truro, England