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Important Reasons Why Parents and Business Owners Should Consider Mobistealth for Mobile Security


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- Mobistealth is a relatively new application in safety mobile software category, but it has clearly established its position amongst the most effective and stable spy applications for smartphones operating on android, IOS and many other systems.

Today, everything is available on the internet and the choice really dependents on people’s needs and budgets. For example there are many applications available in the marketplace for free, relying mainly on displaying advertisement for building their revenues and many of them share the user’s information with third parties. Many applications main feature is to manage the data and personal information like calls, messages, addresses and business cards but they must be chosen carefully and for maximum security and professionalism it is highly advised to get a shareware reputable software like Mobistealth.

Based on forum’s, blog’s and official affiliate website reviews, the conclusion is that it is truly considered one of the best developed smartphone spy applications and it has been fully tested by many novice and advanced users.

Computer spy software has been around for a long while, but now that communication, internet and social networks are being widely used on different mobile phones, obviously there is a turn of different hacks, thieves, and scammers towards mobile platforms. This explains why MobiStealth is totally helpful, especially to keep an eye on the most important and vulnerable activities. A mobile phone is now an essential gadget for children and it helps parents to be in touch with their children and help them when there is a need. On the other hand, children and teenagers are very vulnerable and may be targeted by many thieves, scammers and even worst criminals that can get to the child via a phone call or the internet. This case is clearly not about spying on your own child but about securing him or her. And this is what parents are responsible for. The same thing applies to any businessmen that must track completely their employees and make sure there is no abuse of their confidential information.

Many relationships can be saved by the use of this software as a tool to find the cause of an unusual change of a husband’s or wife’s behavior. Actually the use of Mobistealth is not limited by an idea, but it is open to the end user’s imagination and ingenuity to optimize it according to his own needs

The person who installs MobiStealth only needs to have an internet connected device, to log into his account and view all of the activity recorded on the phone on which MobiStealth has been installed. After that, he will have all the information backed up and ready to use. The data stored is Call History, SMS History , GPS Location- which is very useful for parental control, Email backup, and many other features.

Finally, the usefulness of MobiStealth is quite obvious to everyone but this can become crucial for parents who need to control and protect their children and business owners who must have control over their employees’ professional behavior.

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