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Mod Girl Marketing Reveals Why Businesses Should Consider a Website Re-Design in 2014


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- 2014 brings in a plethora of possibilities for business growth. Mod Girl Marketing helps businesses transform their website design from common to energetic, from banal to exciting. Business success begins January of this year and Mod Girl Marketing’s insights on website redesign help businesses reach higher heights in their Internet presence with greater productivity through quality and creativity, based on easily interpreted facts.

Why do companies redesign their websites? There are a large number of reasons—Mod Girl's recent blog post highlight the reasons why the Pennsylvania General Assembly, Move Network, Google Maps, Broomfield Enterprise, and other major business websites needed website redesign and the positive results they achieved. What can website redesign do to help businesses get ahead of their competition and stimulate customer interest and user engagement? Why did Target's attempt at website redesign flop, and what can business owners learn from that experience?

Mod Girl highlights and answers these questions as well as the following, among many others, on the topic of website design with easy to follow infographics:

How long does website redesign take?

Percentage of websites redesigning their homepage compared to those redesigning content landing pages
The change in % of website metrics after redesign
Average percentages of marketing budget devoted to website design e.g. average % of marketing budget for website design is 5% or less
10 most common factors influencing the decision for website redesign
What is hot in 2014 design, what is passé or cheesy?

Visit the Mod Girl Marketing blog and the article “Should I Redesign My Website For 2014?” for valuable information to help business websites gain the cutting edge and project a unified image across multiple channels, resulting in a cohesive, professional look, that is more readily trusted by customers and clients. Sites that are visually appealing and optimized appropriately get more traffic, rank higher in the search engines, and result in a greater percentage of conversions.

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