Osterreich, Austria -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2012 -- MODASTRASS, a well-known distributor of gemstones and crystals throughout Europe, now sells SWAROVSKI ’s newest breed of Crystals: Advanced crystals.

ADVANCED CRYSTAL is a revolutionary new unprecedented recipe for crystal manufacturing registered for patent by Swarovski. This new formula satisfies the most strict applicable legal requisites and safety standards and can thus be used in products like finished Jewelry, textiles, accessories, children’s products, packaging, architecture, interior decoration, electronic and electrical equipment.

These advanced crystals have many advantages as they set new standards both in terms of quality and sustainability. The unique brilliance of this new crystal formula has been tested and approved by the reputed Fraunhofer Institute ISC. This is indeed a completely new generation of crystals. In short, we can say that the human mind has achieved a new milestone!

It is a wonderful innovation by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that needed a good lot of hard work to could create a new DNA of crystal and present the world a new breed of crystals.

Similar to the diamond grading “4Cs” criteria, Swarovski always caters to the “5 C” to determinate the value of Crystals. Cut, Clarity, Color, Contour, Care.

The last C stands for CARE, and had all the attention of the developers of the new formula as it concerns the selection and composition of ingredients in accordance to a responsible and environmental conscientious legislation in a modern world crystal manufacturing process. This again gives the world leading Austrian producer of machine cut crystal the ultimate edge.

As Daniel Swarovski, the founder of SWAROVSKI once said

“Evolution never ceases. reforms in one area lead to further reforms in other areas. One must, however, always be alert to the opportunities

MODASTRASS, rooted in AUSTRIA is one of the world’s largest Distributors of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, offering brick and mortar know-how combined with broad product availability and extremely competitive prices. The company is recognized as one of Europe's leading online distributors of a wide selection of gems and beads that one cannot find anywhere else on the face of this planet. Core competencies of the Austrian Family owned company is the specialized trade of machine cut crystal. As a specialist SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS wholesaler and retailer, they are continuously expanding their global reach mainly thanks to their most reliable state of the art warehouse management systems and business logistics infrastructure located in Pernegg an der Mur, Steiermark, Austria, to guarantee a reliable chain of supply and thus satisfy the increased demand from millions of worldwide customers that care for genuine SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals MADE in AUSTRIA.

SWAROVSKI® is a registered trademark of the SWAROVSKI AG
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is a registered trademark of the SWAROVSKI AG