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Modded Controller from Controller Creator Lets Gamers Destroy the Competition


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2013 -- For an avid gamer, a modded controller can mean the difference between just winning and completely annihilating the competition. At Controller Creator’s new website, players can very easily create a custom controller that is unique to their playing style and personality, and that gives them unbeatable gaming performance.

The new site is not just for hardcore gamers or gadget gurus who’ve been making their own modded controllers for years. It’s for anyone who wants to improve their game by using something that’s built just for them. And it’s easy to do. Gamers just choose their platform – currently an Xbox 360 controller or PS3 – and start clicking away to design their own made to order device. With millions of combinations possible, no two are alike.

Controller Creator can make whatever changes players dream up a reality. Everything can be adapted, from the shell to buttons and thumbsticks right down to the battery pack and warranty. On site videos let people actually see what their new creation is capable of. Each is hand crafted with brand new mods and custom parts to feel exactly like the controller that ships with the game console. All incorporate the latest performance technology and come with a six month warranty to ensure buyer satisfaction.

“Some might worry whether using a custom Xbox 360 controller or modded PS3 one is legal or acceptable in the gaming community,” said a company representative. “The answer is our modified products are 100% legal and undetectable. We build them around the original Xbox 360 or PS3 boards. So, players can never be banned just for using one.”

As a special offer to celebrate the new site, the company is offering free shipping right now on any confirmed order with a value of $50 or higher.

About Controller Creator
Controller Creator offers the most custom controllers and the best gameplay enhancements for PS3 and Xbox 360 players. The easy-to-use virtual design tool on its website lets gamers choose from literally millions of combinations to create a unit that’s customized for their personal and playing style. Its products are all hand-crafted and based on brand new, original components so buyers can expect their personalized controller to feel just like the one that came with their console. For more information visit: https://controllercreator.com/