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Modeling Agencies Turn to New Sources of Recruitment

Z-cards help increase call backs


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- Today in London there are tons of modeling agencies, some of which have the power to shape a model’s career. That said these are agencies which have hundreds of applications each day and consider their recruits to be able to book world class assignments. What these agencies look for is how well a model is prepared to take on the job and to what extent he or she is proactive in order to book assignments.

Time is luxury for these modeling agencies and they want their recruitment process to be fast and snappy. Gone are the days when these agencies went out to scout talent. In current times, the tables have turned and a model’s chances at success depend on how well he or she markets their talents. In this context, the use of Z cards has become very popular both with models and modeling agencies.

These cards are more or less like business cards with the photo of the model occupying the main space. The use of the Z card is to give recruiters a quick snapshot of the model’s modeling skills. The card has a collage of photos with each photo displaying a different look of the model. These cards also have information on the vital stats of the model.

Z cards are accepted by many modeling agencies in and around London and one company which seems to be helping aspiring models create their own cards is UK Models. This is a company that invests a lot of time and effort in helping models create an attractive profile and take pictures which display the true skills of the model. The cards have a very professional appeal and at the same time manage to capture the essence of modeling.

For models these cards are easy to carry and easy to hand out. When models visit modeling agencies, instead of handing out a boring ten page profile, they can hand out a sleek looking Z card that has everything the casting agency needs to know. These cards are also easy to store as they are small in size and highly portable. For the agencies, they occupy very little space and thus reduce on the office clutter.

One thing about Z cards that needs every model’s attention is that professionals have to be involved in the development of these cards because it is very easy to go off the track if proper care is not taken. UK Models have been in the business of developing these cards for a long time now and therefore the experts here know exactly what layout to use and how best to represent the models by using these cards. UK Models also has other innovative service features that a model can use to pursue their passion for modeling. To know more log onto