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Modeling Website Offers the Truth to Aspiring Models


Lancaster, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- The popularity of modeling television shows in recent years have helped produce a sharp increase in young women's interest in modeling careers. Online searches have skyrocketed for such phrases as "how to become a model" and "female modeling tips", prompting the establishment of modeling career tips web sites such as Bob Pardue, owner of the modeling website is a professional photographer who wants to give real world advice to girls, as they ponder a career in the modeling industry. Says Pardue, "Not many young women reach celebrity status but, with that said, there is no reason you can't find modeling jobs in your local area and, who knows, from there?"

As a professional photographer, Pardue knows the hard work that goes into modeling and what a photographer expects from the talent. "I have made it my passion to help people learn what it takes getting started in modeling, choosing a career type, and to learn more about beginning a career in this confusing industry. Through my site and the online modeling classes, I show girls exactly what to expect from the comfort of their home." Pardue explains.

With many avenues to pursue in the modeling industry, Pardue tackles the ever present questions of young girls about modeling. According to Pardue, "There are certain things you should consider before you ever begin or set foot inside an agency and I will do my best to uncover these "secrets" within this website. You will most certainly find the answer to that evasive question: "how do I become a model?" along with other methods and modeling tips to get you on the right track." This is welcome advice many girls are seeking, based on the large number of queries on search engines.

With knowledge that only an insider can bring, Pardue encourages modeling newbies with the following advice. "Of course, you do have to be realistic and be aware that everyone who applies to an agency or management company is not going to be another Tyra or Cindy. Even if you follow every single step listed on the site and learn how to become a female high fashion model, the competition is stiff for males and females at the top. No matter, keep some common sense along with a steady commitment and you might be closer than you think to pursuing a career in a field you love. Consider all your options and don't give up too easily."

With candor, honesty and common sense, Pardue offers a website that targets the person who has dreamed of becoming a model, but never knew where to start. He tackles such topics as the different types of models, the physical requirements, freelance modeling versus agents, working with photographers and posing basics, just to name a few. Pardue explains further, "I hope to help with lots of articles and video tips to help learn how to get started in becoming a female model by offering some realistic tips for women giving you ideas for reaching your goals, and your dream of getting jobs in the entertainment or performing arts business."

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Bob Pardue has experience in creating female model portfolios and a career in photography that has lasted for over 10 years, still engaging in photographic assignments as time permits.