Models Direct Reveals the Truth About the Modelling Industry

Models Direct differentiate between themselves and many other model companies.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- There are several hundred modelling agencies within the UK, and unfortunately, many are highly unethical in the way that they operate. Scam agencies have been known to approach people and present themselves as legitimate businesses, offering casting sessions for which they charge excessively large representation fees, all the while having no intention of actually seeking out work for those that they recruit. The media have recently highlighted these unscrupulous practices however they have done so in a way which tars all agencies with the same brush. This has led to some confusion regarding which agencies are legitimate and which are scams.

Models Direct is an ethical and legitimate agency which cares deeply about its clients and models. Due to the recent generalisations in the media regarding agencies, they have felt the need to speak out about the subject of scam agencies, and differentiate themselves from these organisations. Models Direct acts responsibly and legally on the behalf of its clients, ensuring that models are provided with online exposure and are matched to the most suitable assignments. An upfront fee is charged for representation whoever this works out at just 70 pence per week and as such, is certainly not unreasonable.

The company employs a large team of professionals who are dedicated to offering models a platform on which to launch successful careers in entertainment and modelling. Models Direct represents many people who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to be professional represented, having found themselves rejected by other agencies due to not fitting in with the very narrow view of what a model should look like. Models Direct aims to challenge these stereotypical ideas of models, by representing a diverse range of people who differ in age, shape and size.

The company never approaches people directly to work with them – instead, people come to them. They also make a point of never holding casting sessions in hotels, as this is commonly done by scam modelling agencies. Furthermore, they never ask their models to pay for expensive and unnecessary professional portfolios or photographs.

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