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Moderate Exercise Shown to Reduce Stroke Risk


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Research presented at the American Stroke Associations International Stroke Conference on February 13th showed that exercise reduced women’s stroke risk by up to 20 percent, and could even offset the increased risk postmenopausal women face with hormone therapy. What’s even better, the study showed that moderate exercise was more than enough; briskly walking or engaging in resistance training is just as beneficial as strenuous exercises such as running or high intensity interval training.

The CDC estimates that 795,000 people each year have strokes, and those strokes end up resulting in the deaths of over 130,000. In addition to this, the costs of treatment for stroke related illnesses and disabilities is estimated to be costing the US $38.6 billion in medical costs. For this reason, preventing strokes and the underlying costs of them can not only save lives, but can help lower health care costs for us as individuals and US citizens collectively.

The study conducted by the California Teachers Study concluded that those who engaged in moderate physical activity regularly prior to enrolling in the study were 20 percent less likely to suffer from a stroke versus those who engaged in no physical activity. The study also surprised researchers by showing that the reduction in stroke risk appeared strongest in those who engaged in moderate activity versus more strenuous exercise.

“More strenuous activity such as running didn’t further reduce women’s stroke risk,” explained Professor Sophia Wang of the Beckman Research Institute. “Moderate activity, such as brisk walking appeared to be ideal in this scenario.”

This study proves that the benefits of exercise rely more on regularity and engagement, not on levels of extreme physical exertion or overtraining. A moderate exercise program can actively reduce stroke risk, in addition to numerous other health benefits.

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