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Modern Home Resorts Is Now Offering Fire Glass

Modern Home Resorts Offers Amazing Selection of Fire Glass


Woodland Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- One of the focal points of any residential or recreations space is the fireplace and outdoor fire pit area. Make sure you take advantage of the amazing selection of fire glass and fireplace accessories offered by Modern Home Resorts. With a huge selection of colors and sizes, we have what you need to complete your backyard project or home remodel.

Fire pits come in so many shapes and sizes, and when you hear that sizzle it can create a romantic and relaxing ambiance. Since the beginning of time people have enjoyed sitting near a fire. Using fire pits near a pool or spa can create a real contrast between the two. The view of the fire across the water is just terrific. Although some people may enjoy burning logs or other materials, fire glass direct from Modern Home Resorts can both improve the look of the fire pit and save you cleanup time the next morning. Fire pits filled with fire glass are an inexpensive way to add a lot of interest to your outdoor space.

Depending on the style and mood you are looking for glass fire can be added in various sizes and color tints. This allows you to match or make a contrast with the outdoor d├ęcor. Some have even used multiple colors as a base and highlight together which emphasizes the space even more. Since fire glass is shaped much differently than a real or concrete log, the gas can creep between the spaces creating a slow dancing flame effect. Also, while some guests may enjoy the loud popping and crackling of a fire, this causes a potential hazard if embers shoot out. Unlike real wood, fire glass does not make noise or offer the threat of projecting outward.

Outdoor fire features are growing & growing in popularity. It adds warm and lighting the patio areas. They are different options like glass or lava rocks. Glass brings a blue light. Lava rock traditionally shows a yellow & orange light. The best way to maximize your backyard space is to create a focal point. Also, having a view helps anchor the space and create a conversional and gather focal point. It is a great place to kick back and have a refreshing drink, or perhaps just get away from the kids.

People are adding fire bowls, fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces to ad warmth to an outdoor patio area. When the fire pits are build they use cinder blocks as the framework, then introduce a stainless steel gas ring and fill it level with silica sand to the proper level. Once that has been completed the glass fire pieces can be added as the final touch.

Fire glass can also be incorporated into outdoor fireplaces. Some people love to cook outdoors, and if possible, you can create a large outdoor space with deep seating to truly create an outdoor living room for family and friends. The great thing about outdoor fireplace configurations is that if a view is not available from the rear of your property, a well lit and designed fireplace can become the focal point for all of your guests.

A great fireplace can look like an emerald city glowing in your gathering space or great room. You can sit and put your feet up and enjoy the fireplace, less the fake piece of wood or log. The updated version may even have fake embers in attempt to bring some realism. Fast forward to today, glass is used as a decorative flare that not only burns clean, but during the tumbling process any sharp edges are smoothed out to prevent cuts.

Once the stainless steel pipe exudes and is ignited, the beautiful fireplace retains heat. In fact, you can even turn the gas down because of the natural heat retaining properties of glass. You might ask yourself why you would not use fire glass. If you have a wood burning fireplace you would first need to remove those logs before using glass fire pieces. Even used outdoor and in the elements the color remaining and is not degraded after time. This provides a contemporary look that can be a do it yourself project for anyone.

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