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Modern Home Resorts Is Proud to Announce That They Are Offering Fire Glass

Fireplace Glass From Modern Home Resorts Adds a Unique Artistic Accent


Woodland Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Have you ever hovered over an older fireplace and wondered what the alternative is to a boring dirty log set? Fireplace glass is made from tempered tumbled glass, so once it is broken there are no rough edges to worry about. It stays clean all the time, stays clear and true to its original color offering a clean burn for a green alterative to wood logs. So, how hard is it to convert an old fire pit or fireplace to a clean a modern fireglass centerpiece at home?

The first step in the process is to carefully remove the old lava rocks or cement logs, making sure to vacuum all of the left over debris from every nook and cranny. Now is the time to use fire resistant spray paint if you would like to coat your fireplace with a dark paint color to offer a uniform background. If you wait until the project is finished to decide on painting, the overspray may get on the fire place glass and ruin the mirror like finish that is part of the allure.

At Modern Home Resorts, they can also supply the multiple pronged gas tubes needed to replace the older single tube style gas line you may be using now. These new gas lines will allow a distributed gas flow to saturate the fireglass and blanket the area in flames, which is the look everyone wants. Rather than a single flame rising, imagine a slow moving fog of flames hovering over a bed of colored fireglass.

One you have a clean canvas, you can use several materials as the base. This includes options such as playground sand or crushed lava rock as the bed for the new fireglass. This tempered glass is then poured on top, and then the flames exude all over as the flow thought glass. Not only is it more artistic and beautiful, but it really serves a purpose beyond beauty. If gives you both ambiance and heat, allowing heat to fill the room and radiate throughout. In fact, a good hour or so after the gas is turned off there is still heat radiating from that area. Not to say that it is strictly a cost savings home improvement project, but fireglass is a green product with little to no downside.

You may be looking for the glass that will go with your homes décor, and since there is every color in the rainbow available this may be a very hard choice. This allows you to choose a color that matches the walls, the drapes, or any other features in your room or outdoor patio area. You just want to select a contrasting color of glass compared to the color inside the fireplace. The rear of the fireplace wall essentially becomes the background to show off the glass in the best light. So if you use a light colored glass, you will want dark walls or décor near the fireplace to show off the highlights.

There are several other trends in the fire glass market. Some additional trends showing up in the fire design are fireplace crystals and other geometric shaped. This is going into an entire different realm of décor, it’s a very contemporary look that can be done yourself in an afternoon and breathe new life into your fireplace or fire pit. These fireplace rocks are actually sitting in the fireplace and come in several colors. You can either place them on a bed of lava, sand, or even in the glass itself

Fireglass was invented almost by accident one day a glazer broke some glass and rather than simply throw it away or use it in a fish aquarium, they decided to add it into the fireplace. Some of the glass almost has a black or grey refracting tone on one side. There is a base glass and a reflective glass that can glitter form the sunlight or the flames themselves. This is a really cool design and an impressive addition to your home, resort, or outdoor living space.

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