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'Modern Managers Risk Becoming Bullies', Says Relationship Coach, Jeff Pasquale.

For nearly two decades, Jeff Pasquale has coached hundreds of executives and organizations on the art of effective relating. As the modern workplace rapidly evolves, Pasquale urges all leaders to re-learn how to relate to one another and their employees. His new book, ‘The Book of Leader: A Testament to the Art of Leadership’, explains how.


Boynton Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- While some relationship coaches teach others how to implement experimental or even ‘fad’ leadership cultures, Florida’s Jeff Pasquale takes his clients back to the bare basics. However, don’t be fooled by the concept; Pasquale is merely attempting to re-build broken foundations that he fears could wreck the country’s average workplace for good.

“Put simply; modern workers at all levels have forgotten how to relate to one another. It’s become an epidemic that causes and furthers the many challenges in their business and personal lives,” says Pasquale, who has written over forty articles and seven books on leadership, personal improvement, and organizational effectiveness.

Continuing, “I travel the country speaking and can honestly conclude that too many managers have become bullies due to their inability to relate or their lack of knowing what to say. They don't ask for help, they demand it; they don't make requests, they make threats; and they don't offer advice, they offer criticism. They have somehow come to the conclusion that this is how you manage.”

However, all is not lost. Those attending Pasquale’s talks or reading his books quickly come to discover that it’s relatively easy to re-learn the simple art of relating. To date, Pasquale has worked with corporate clients including McDonald’s Corporation, Tyco International, and the United States Postal Service on these very same concepts.

“It all comes back to leadership. Business owners are often the last ones to know that they have a manager in their company who is bullying people. There is a proactive way they can quickly determine how well managers are managing - it's called having a conversation!” he adds. “And during this conversation you ask 3 questions that will reveal exactly how your manager thinks.” (These 3 questions can be found on his web site.)

In order to assist as many people as possible, Pasquale has recently released a refreshingly simple new book titled ‘The Book of Leader: A Testament to the Art of Leadership’. In short, the book acquaints readers with the real and deeper meaning of leadership.

Synopsis: When leaders learn to consistently lead from their heads and their hearts, the outcome is meaningful change and positive results.

Leadership is always a work in progress. Your role as a leader will continuously change. But two key elements that will never change are the need to serve and to support those you lead.

Learn to tune out the noise and pressure of others’ expectations—and step back from the power of your own preconceived notions of what a leader should be. The Book of Leader offers reflections that will help you think, act, and respond in ways consistent with who you are and allow you to be a truly authentic leader.

This latest release builds on the successes of Pasquale’s earlier titles. His previous book, ‘Subway Life’, takes the art of relating below ground and has resonated with numerous industry gurus.

For example Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby, was left impressed. He comments, "Though a quick read, it's a wonderful metaphor that has stuck with me for days after reading."

Sandy Vilas, CEO of praised: “Life is full of lessons. Sometimes we miss them and other times we learn from them. Subway Life reveals some of life’s essential lessons about why it’s important to be connected to the world around us. If not connected, BEWARE!!”

"Jeff relates the subway system to life with such humor and understanding that the subway no longer represents only a commute from points A to B, but instead becomes this fantastic transformative vehicle, your carriage of awareness, adventure and choices,” says Kathleen Anderson Ross.

Those looking for a reminder of what leadership really is are urged to purchase Pasquale’s latest book, as well as explore his expanding bibliography. Organizations interested in speaking and coaching engagements are also invited to make contact at their earliest convenience.

“As a leader, you’re always evolving. However, evolving from a flawed foundation is a one-way ticket to corporate and financial disaster. Get back to the basics; read my books and give me a call. Most business consultants can help you get back on track, but I will help you see that track and stay on it,” Pasquale concludes.

‘The Book of Leader: A Testament to the Art of Leadership’ is available now:

For more information on Pasquale and his work, visit:

About Jeff Pasquale
Coaching for nearly twenty years, Jeff has coached hundreds of clients from all walks of life. A lifelong learner and a passionate teacher, Jeff has written over 40 articles on Leadership, Personal Improvement, and Organizational Effectiveness, and has published 7 books on topics from leadership to self-improvement.

He held senior management positions with Tropical Shipping and with The Martin-Brower Company (the distribution company for McDonald’s).

A master assessment writer, Jeff has created a library of over 100 organizational and individual assessment tools. Jeff learned the art of assessment writing through group collaborations with Coach University’s founder and the “father” of coaching, Thomas Leonard. Many of these tools were ultimately converted into his self-coaching books.

A veteran of the U. S. Air Force, Jeff completed his coursework and certification through Coach University (now

Jeff is the past president of the Rotary Club of West Palm Beach, and was the leader of Coaching South Florida – a consortium of regional coaches. He actively collaborates with other expert coaches in developing new tools and better approaches for leaders to benefit from.

Many of his books highlight the importance leadership and relating well-two skills which are sorely needed in this world today. Today Jeff focuses all of his efforts on three areas – Life, Leadership, and Legacy.

Corporate clients have included: McDonald’s Corporation, U. S. Foodservice, Tyco International, Footlocker, North Star Foodservice, University of Miami Online High School, Area Agency on Aging, Washington Mutual Bank, and the United States Postal Service.

The father of an aspiring actress in New York City, Jeff and his wife live in Boynton Beach, Florida.