Modern Method Produces Atom Size Trace Colloidal Silver Atom Minerals


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2013 -- Colloidal Silver was a prescribed medicine in the 1900’s as written by Text Book of Materia Medica and Their Therapeutics by A.S Blumgarten, 6th Edition, M.D., F.A.C.P. printed by The McMillan Company in New York, the first Edition was written in 1914. A manual of formulas to make medicines, drugs and describes many processes for making colloidal silver and silver compounds. It was an instructional manual for Doctors, Nurses and even the Pharmacists of that time.

In the last 99 years, only nanoparticle size colloidal silver has been consumed. With the technological advancements in science and in alternative medicine, colloidal silver has been refined to atomic particle colloidal silver.

The concept for Atomic particle colloidal silver or colloidal silver atoms start with the idea of breaking down a single nanoparticle which is about 250,000,000 times larger than a single atom, into individual atoms, the requirement of silver in the body will be reduced significantly due to the fact that you start out with 3000 Parts of silver atoms to 1,000,000 water molecules. Once you consume the colloidal silver atoms, the effect will be almost immediate on the body. The silver atoms would penetrate the harmful virus, bacteria or pathogen very easily and greatly reduce the chances of it from spreading harmful toxins.

Atomic particle colloidal silver is considered to be a much more effective product than a nanoparticle counterpart that may be up to 250,000,000 times larger than a single atom. Due to its sheer size, the nanoparticle and or silver ion will not be able to restrain the virus, bacteria or pathogen from spreading into the body and may actually get trapped in the kidneys, liver or skin cells, which in turn produces a grey blue skin condition called Argyria.

Colloidal Silver Atom Why High PPM performs better

Atom particle colloidal silver defies the usual standards, methodology and known requirements that apply to nanoparticle and ionic colloids, in fact, atomic colloidal silver meets and exceeds those known requirements due to its virtual organic production, that renders a chemical free product, with the smallest particle size in the world, the highest PPM rating that can be refrigerated, can be exposed to high heat without any chemicals and particles dropping to the bottom of its container.

With this significant aspect of colloidal silver atoms, producers such as do not use any chemicals while producing the safe colloidal silver. As a result, you will have no side effects or any complications that are associated with chemically made colloidal silver, it will not turn you blue. The only thing you can positively anticipate is the colloidal silver atoms penetrating rapidly into pathogens eliminating them and acquiring a balanced immune system.

Colloidal Silver Particle Size Does Matter

Colloidal silver has been used for its medicinal qualities, alternative healing, food sterilization, beverage applications, and depending on the products particle size, it may be used for cosmetic and industrial applications such as Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology improvements.

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