Modern Paleo Book 1: A Beginners Guide to the Paleo Diet Going Free for 5 Days from June 3


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- “Modern Paleo Book 1: A Beginners Guide to the Paleo Diet” is written by Simone Donovan. The book is available for free on Kindle for 5 days beginning from June 3. The Modern Paleo diet is among the more versatile kinds circulating in the health industry these days. The Paleo or cave man diet is an inspiration from the ancestors of our race, the Homo erectus who ate only the freshest kinds of foods as the trend of cooking did not evolve more that grilling over a fire. The prehistoric man only knew the good food that grew fresh and ripe on trees and vines. The Paleo diet imitates the same version of diet with the modern twist, which is discussed in the kindle book.

Weight maintenance and weight loss are one of the biggest health concerns of people in all parts of the world. No matter what culture a man or woman may belong to, the never ending woe to become ‘smarter’, ‘fitter’ and have a leaner body frame is a wish and desire that most people hold close to their hearts. With so many different kinds of diets and supplements springing up through television commercials and online advertisements, the race for owning a toned body has caught the attention of the masses. Every person is different according to his or her health history, DNA structure and weight loss or weight gain tendencies strictly vary. As with diets, not all diets may suit or bring forward the same results for each person therefore it is important to know personal information and bio-data and refer to a physician before starting any diet.

Originally the Paleo diet was founded by Dr. Lorane Cordain who with his team of scientists delved into the Paleolithic man’s food consumption to find out why he was free from sickness and disease, the study led to the creation of the Paleo diet which includes wholesome foods and meats from organic sources such as grass fed cattle, sheep, cows, poultry and game food. Grains, fruits and vegetables also make a huge portion of the diet which focuses on higher protein and lesser carbohydrates. Processed foods, anything with preservatives and additives are strictly to be avoided.

The beginners guide is a great way for people to learn about the diet and how best to incorporate it into one’s lifestyle. The diet is recommended to people who need to reduce a couple of pounds and as a jump-start diet model for obese people.

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