Modi's Online World Shattered, Narendramodi Exposed


Ahmedabad, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- It will be apparent to the people exactly how the Modi propaganda works. Just an hour ago it was found that the verified Twitter account that is managed in the name of our esteemed CM Narendra Modi is Fake! The account on twitter under the name of Narendra Modi was checked by a site called This site is highly recommended by top sites like the and to check the authenticity of accounts created on Facebook and Twitter. Both these above sites are blog and article posting sites and are known internationally. Earlier this twitter account could be seen as an exhibition of Narendra Modi’s fame because this account had lakhs of followers and saw a high amount of activity. If the Public Representation (PR) itself of Narendra Modi is fake and falsified then how much can the people believe about what he says? Should the people of Gujarat assume that nearly 50% of all the things that Modi claims he has done are false?

There are other political parties using online media to promote themselves but they haven’t seemed to have used such low methods to promote themselves. The Join Hands for Change page which is an initiative of the Gujarat Congress has gained nearly 48,400 likes and has a weekly public reach of 38.25 lakh people and growing exponentially. This has come as a result of active campaigning on their part and these figures have been reached slowly and not overnight as in Modi’s campaign. These page has been found to be most popular in the age group between 18-24 yrs, especially in the city of Ahmedabad.

The people managing the Facebook and Twitter accounts for Narendra Modi obviously know that all these followers on their site were mostly fake and artificially created by purchasing them. And yet they had the impunity to post on their official Facebook page, celebrating 1 million followers on their twitter page. When chief minister Narendra Modi's Twitter account touched one million followers, he tweeted, "A million followers! These are not mere numbers but it signifies your love and affection. Heartfelt thanks to you all".

The site of Status People found that among the 1 million followers of Narendra Modi on Twitter, 46% were fake, 41% were inactive users and only a measly 13% were actual active followers. Why have they resorted to such low moves like ‘artificial following’ to promote the Modi wagon? They brag and promote their false progress with such absolute confidence that people are even swayed to believe them. This bragging can be seen on their Facebook page here (

Modi started using Twitter in 2009 and in 2010, had one lakh followers. About a year ago, in November 2011, he had four lakh followers. But his number of followers on Twitter increased exponentially in the last few months. We can see from his posts that Narendra Modi has a curious affinity for bragging in the form of numbers. The number of 1 million that he used can be clearly seen to be scripted and this is now proved true looking at the data given by Status People. He has consistently used exaggerated numbers to show the amount of ‘progress’ that he has achieved. You can visit us at for regular updates

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