Modloft Redesigns Modern Beds in Minimalistic Designs


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- Modloft, one of the makers of premium modern furniture, has recently redesigned their portfolio of modern furniture. Modloft, started in Venice, moved to Miami couple of years back. They pioneered in making the classy furniture at reasonable price. In no time, their products were available at most of the retail furniture stores in America.

Modloft redesigned most of their modern bed collection last year. They changed the shape of the bed to adopt minimalistic design. Worth bed, which is one of the most popular bed by Modloft, has got a new look. Compared to high headboard, mattress area and slim side rails, the new Worth bed has side flatter and bigger side rails. As opposed to the earlier design in which you had to buy the nightstands separately, the new worth bed has nightstands attached to it. This has not only brought down the price of the overall bedroom set but also brought more elegance to the room. Worth bed is a one heck of the great looking low platform Japanese bed.

Another popular bed by Modloft is Waverly bed. The old Waverly bed, because of its unique design, has been popular among residential customers. As the name suggests, Waverly bed had wave shaped headboard and the footboard. This shape led to lot of space consumption in the bedroom as was more difficult to transport. With the new improved design, although they have kept the wave shape but the curvature has gone down significantly. The new bed takes much lesser space and looks more beautiful.

Ludlow and Monroe beds are also among the more popular beds by Modloft. Both of them look very similar except the headboard finish and texture. They have similar height headboard as well as similar looking platform. Monroe bed gets its design inspiration from the worth bed which is visible in the attached nightstands of the bed. The attached pillow on the headboard makes this bed so unique that it has its fans not only in USA but also in Europe. Ludlow, on the other hand like Waverly bed, does not include nightstands. The headboard is tufted leather and available in different colors.

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