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M.O.E.T. Creates Raw and Edgy Hip Hop on Her Upcoming Album "Already Written"

“Already Written” promises to be an unapologetic album based on the artist’s life experiences and struggle with achieving self-realization. Recognizing that personal stagnation deters individuals from living life to its fullest, M.O.E.T.’s music highlights the importance of moving forward and making one’s voice heard.


Utica, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- With roots based in soul and hiphop, a unique flow and lyrical content provide the backbone for the music of M.O.E.T. Her artistic evolution and the ability to relate to others create a vacuum of relatable content backed with brilliant lyrical composition. Infectious beats accent intelligent songwriting that can only be described as visceral and impossible to ignore.

The challenges of emerging as a new face in a crowded hip-hop industry serves as one of the primary motivations of MOET Accounts of personal triumph in a world where many similar artists are jousting for media buzz make “Already Written” shine. The grounded attitude of M.O.E.T. speaks to her ability to ‘stay in her lane’; a character trait that she hopes listeners will recognize.

About "Already Written”
Recorded in a home and professional studio, “Already Written” is part of a long-term plan to branch out and strengthen bonds with her existing fans. Still in her early stages, the DIY mentality of M.O.E.T. is the first step in branding a style that utilizes modern hip-hop conventions and offering listeners with a glimpse into her life and self-progression. Read the latest news regarding the release of “Already Written”, and listen to M.O.E.T.’s current tracks at http://soundcloud.com/moetslappers . For additional content and live performances, check out her Moetslappers YouTube channel.

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