Mohican Windharps

Mohican Windharps Launches Redesigned Website


Loudonville, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- An increasing number of people are looking for unique decorations for their outdoor gardens and are turning to wind harps to give their landscapes a sophisticated look and a unique "sound." The popularity of wind harps and their soothing tones has hit a high note with Loudonville, OH-based Mohican Wind Harps, and the company is celebrating their success with the launch of their redesigned website at

"We got into the business of making wind harps by accident," jokes owner Dan Stitzlein. "My wife and I were on vacation in New Mexico and discovered these magical instruments and instantly fell in love with them. We came back and started to make some of our own and, after a few years, developed what we consider to be the best wind harps available."

Mohican Wind Harps began selling a handful of different models in 1997 and since then has increased production to include multiple styles, each with user-selectable options to add a bit of customization to every piece. Every piece is made in the USA, with each piece being signed and dated.

The company's new website features their entire product line grouped into three main styles of wind harps: Standard, for the home garden; Commercial, for different public applications; and Unique, for those who want a wind harp with more artistic elements than the standard model.

Additional features on the website include the ability to see multiple images of select products, zoom-in for more detailed views of an item, product reviews, and the ability to share your favorite models with your friends via email or social media with just a click of the mouse.

The new site is powered by the 3dCart eCommerce platform, which offers secure shopping and an easy-to-use checkout process, adding to the overall customer service experience.

In addition to wind harps, the company also offers replacement parts, accessories and gift certificates – perfect as a last-minute gift for someone who would appreciate the unique look that a wind harp would give to their outdoor garden.

For more information and to see the entire selection of available wind harps, visit the company's website at