Moistly Plant Alert: Never Forget to Water Your Plants Again


Den Bosch, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2013 -- Dutch electronics and design firms CloudSensor and Tweetonig have joined forces to create the Moistly (, a plant sensor that alerts you when it’s time to water your plants.

This product stems from the many times that the designers destroyed window sill plants by forgetting to water them or overwatering. This needed a solution: Some way to alert you, when your plant is getting dry.

“Plants are important for you: They clean the air and provide oxygen to your environment. Moistly helps you take care of them, even when you have a busy life.” Explains Hans Crijns, Founder of CloudSensor. “We wanted to design something that helps people in their everyday life and take something of their busy minds.”

After many prototypes and proof-of-concepts, a design was chosen where the sensor plays a gentle melody every five minutes, when a plant needs water and followed by a flashing LED for both auditory and visual alerting. For the physical appearance, a white leaf form was chosen, so that it does blend into the environment, while distinguishing from the plant itself.

By designing our own hardware we managed to come up with a design that’s both user-friendly and highly effective. The moistly is fine-tuned for about 80% of the average houseplants (less optimal for cactuses and succulents). The moistly is easy to use: Just plug into the soil and it works, no hassle. Even the battery is already installed and lasts over two years

Moistly is now available at!

About CloudSensor
CloudSensor is an electronics design firm that designs and manufactures consumer electronics products under its own brand and for third parties. CloudSensor was founded by Hans Crijns, an electronics engineer with over a decade of experience in hardware design and manufacturing.

Tweetonig is a young design firm based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It specialties are concept design, rapid prototyping and mold design. Tweetonig was founded by John Tillema and Dimer Schaefer, two designers with expertise at both small and large design firms.

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