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Mold Inspection and Testing Company MI&T Now Offering Services to All of New York


Manhattan, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2013 -- Leading national mold inspection and testing company MI&T has just announced that they are now offering their inspection and testing services to all of New York. MI&T — Mold Inspection and Testing is the most trusted residential and commercial test-only company in the nation that now provides trusted and unbiased New York mold inspection and testing results.

Any home or business regardless of location can suffer from a mold problem that can lead to impaired health and air quality if left untreated. While some mold problems may be visible, others are more hidden and the clues to a problem may include regularly feeling sick, recent water damage, or a strange odor/smell within the home or business. The only way to be sure that mold is not a problem is through a thorough inspection.

Now, people concerned about mold negatively impacting their indoor air quality in New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and all the surrounding areas can rest easy now that MI&T offers mold inspection and mold testing to all of these areas. “We’re excited to be able to bring our inspection and testing services to New York so that home and business owners can gain the peace of mind regarding their environment,” said an MI&T specialist.

The mold inspection New York specialists of MI&T bring the expertise of certified inspectors and state-of-the-art tools to mold inspection and testing. Customers receive a minimum of two air samples that are sent off to an independent laboratory for analysis. The air samples collected will have the final say in whether or not the air quality is currently problematic. In cases that elevated levels of mold exist, MI&T will take all of the information gathered by their certified inspector and create a report/protocol for mold remediation companies that lays out exactly what needs to be done step-by-step.

“Most mold remediation companies actually prefer to have this to follow and will do so if you provide it to them,” said the mold testing New York specialist. “This separation of services not only saves the client money in the long run, but also protects them from dealing with any unscrupulous companies that might try to take advantage of customers by skewing inspection/testing results in order to provide removal services.”

MI&T follows a strict code of ethics and no one is employed who has any affiliation with mold removal. The company’s website also contains detailed information on inspection and New York mold testing to educate those unfamiliar with the process and help residential and commercial clients obtain complete answers. For more information, please visit http://www.moldinspectionandtesting.com/new-york/

About MI&T
MI&T - Mold Inspection and Testing is the most trusted test-only company in the nation. The company takes no part in the mold removal process in order to provide trusted unbiased results. New York residential and commercial customers concerned about indoor mold growth can all them today at 917-300-0098.