Hurricane Sandy Hits the East Coast and Mold Inspection Brooklyn Is Gearing Up to Help Analize the Environmental Damage


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- Like any severe storm, Hurricane Sandy is raging her fury across the East Coast. This severe weather event has got homeowners and residents in fear of the potential dangers this storm brings with it. What's worse is that there are dangers that many do not even think about. These hidden dangers are with regard to the aftermath that such devastating natural events cause.

One of the many issues includes restoring homes affected and flooded by Hurricane Sandy to an environmentally safe place to inhabit. has geared themselves up to assist the many individuals that will be needing mold testing and mold inspection services in the coming weeks. The company maintains that while they will be offering fast service to all areas expected to suffer the most water damaged homes, the predicted numbers are alarming. Areas expected to get the most water damage and flooded basements include Staten Island, Battery Park, Coney Island, Manhattan Beach Brooklyn, Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Red Hook, the Rockaways, Long Beach and along the Long Island Sound. They also plan to have services offered for various New Jersey areas hit by the storm. Not to mention there are other areas in Queens such as Springfield Gardens and Bayside which have historically shown to flood during similarly tracked storms of the past.

One of the leading mold inspection and testing labs based in the USA appreciates the detail that Mold Inspection Brooklyn has always put into the work they have done for clients over the years, “They meet your requirements and start with the testing very quickly. As a certified mold inspector, you need little thinking about the task at hand, as they already have conducted so many inspections over the years. Moreover, you need not bother about an expensive remediation plan if you were spared by the storm and not hit so hard if the results are clean or at least not toxic, and instead they will offer several innovative ideas for preventing a mold problem and lowering risks if you are able to act fast."

Today, the inspection consultants of Mold Inspection Brooklyn accept that the world has evolved greatly and one needs to establish their specific niche to cater to their clients categorically and more efficiently. The Company, with their focused and specialized mold services, makes sure that your family and your real estate is deemed safe during trying times and at an affordable rate with prompt service as well. If you already have a need to test your home for mold, you can visit their website at to glimpse through their specialized environmental testing services.

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Mold Inspection Brooklyn offers high quality but affordable services. The company has a team of highly experienced inspectors who have years of experience in air testing for mold and providing quick analysis for the flood victims of Hurricane Sandy and quite often prepared to work on behalf of insurance providers.

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Should you have any question, or want to know more about their mold testing services, you can contact them at their local number (718) 473 – 0259, seven days a week.