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Mold Inspection Company MI&T Now Serves the Entire Seattle Metropolitan Area


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2012 -- As recent medical reports have indicated, mold growth in homes and businesses can cause some very serious health issues. While many types of mold are harmless, certain species like the black mold stachybotrys are toxic. Since mold often tends to look the same to the un-trained eye, it is vital that people who suspect or see mold in their homes contact a professional mold inspection team to handle the issue.

A company has been getting a lot of attention lately for its in-depth mold testing and inspection services. MI&T, a Seattle mold inspection company, recently expanded its service area and can now work with customers throughout the entire Seattle, Washington metropolitan area.

For people throughout Seattle who are concerned about the black mold they have spotted in their home and want to arrange for a thorough mold inspection Seattle area MI&T is ready, willing and able to help. Unlike other companies that feature both mold testing and removal services, MI&T offers only mold inspection and testing. This unbiased approach means that the Seattle mold testing company will never have a conflict of interest.

“The people in the state of Washington that are concerned about indoor mold growth damaging their personal property and negatively impacting the health of themselves and those around them no longer have to worry as they have an ally in the fight against mold,” an article on the company’s website said, adding that in addition to making a thorough inspection for mold, the expert inspectors will answer all the questions that customers have about these frustrating problems and will help them determine once and for all whether or not they have a mold problem.

“Our sample collection offers factual evidence of exactly what you are breathing in on a daily basis. We get you answers by conducting mold testing Seattle Washington along with a complete visual by our inspector.”

As part of its mold testing and inspection services, employees from MI&T perform cavity samples from walls that have had water damage. In addition, they collect air samples in areas of the home that have an unusual odor, and they can also test mold that is visible on surfaces. Customers who are interested in learning more about the company’s services can visit the MI&T’s website at any time; the user-friendly site features articles about mold, mold inspection and removal.

About MI&T:
MI&T, Mold Inspection and Testing, is the most trusted test only company in the nation. The company, which services the entire Seattle, Washington metropolitan area, takes no part in the mold removal process, so customers can trust their unbiased results. For those who are concerned about indoor mold growth or would like more information about the company, please visit http://www.moldinspectionandtesting.com/seattle-wa