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Mold Inspection Company MI&T Now Serving New Jersey Communities


Newark, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2012 -- Mold, a natural component of the environment, flourishes best in air or soil—making it easy for unsuspecting individuals to track it into their homes. If mold problems are left untreated, they can eventually become serious health hazards.

Individuals across the nation have always turned to Mold Inspection & Testing, one of the most trusted companies for certified mold inspectors in the United States. In order to verify whether indoor mold growth is negatively affecting a home or business, the company evaluates the building by taking air and surface samples of the surrounding environment.

Influenced by their years of expertise, Mold Inspection & Testing recently announced their decision to provide mold inspection and testing services in New Jersey.

“Acting swiftly is your best weapon in the fight against mold, because the sooner that you address a potential problem, the less likely it will be to cause serious issues—mold growth can escalate quickly,” explains an article on the mold inspection New Jersey expert’s website.

By choosing Mold Inspection & Testing, New Jersey residents can save themselves time and money. The New Jersey mold inspection company works with clients to provide a mold inspector to handle their primary assessment. Mold Inspection & Testing’s staff’s thorough inspections have usually prevented mold removal professionals from being needed altogether.

According to an article on Mold Inspection & Testing’s website, “While each scenario that we [encounter] is unique in its own way, if there is a mold problem, we will find it and get you on your way to getting rid of it.”

The mold testing New Jersey business encourages any individuals with questions or concerns to contact them by phone or via the form available on their website. Clients interested in New Jersey mold testing can visit Mold Inspection & Testing’s Pinterest account in order to view their work.

About Mold Inspection & Testing
Mold Inspection and Testing (MI&T) is one of the most well-known mold inspection and testing companies in the nation. Mold Inspection & Testing prides themselves on their unbiased test-only inspections, many of which have helped clients prevent serious health risks associated with mold. The company takes no part in the mold removal process, so clients can trust their unbiased results. Mold Inspection & Testing has branches in several locations, including DC, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, and Pittsburgh. For more information, please visit http://www.moldinspectionandtesting.com/new-jersey/