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Mold Inspection & Testing Expands Its Services to the Residents and Businesses of Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- Mold Inspection & Testing, a mold inspection and testing only company that is based in South Florida and Chicago, Illinois, has recently expanded its services to Atlanta, Georgia. For business owners and residents of the Peach State who are looking for mold testing Atlanta based MI&T is now ready, willing and able to help.

In recent years, many news stories have covered how certain species of mold can negatively impact health. People who are concerned that they may be dealing with mold growth in their home or business can rest assured that the Atlanta mold testing company will thoroughly inspect their property to determine if mold is present. Each mold inspector who works for MI&T has years of experience and many jobs under his or her belt. The inspectors work hard to confirm or deny if mold is present, as well as determine the source of the problem while offering a detailed way to remove it.

“Mold growth indoors can cause an unusual smell often described as musty,” an article on the Atlanta mold inspection company’s website noted, adding that this is usually due to the fact that the problem is being caused by excess moisture and elevated humidity changing the indoor environment.

“We are often referred by local physicians for people with chronic or reoccurring conditions that cannot be explained. Most often, these conditions are respiratory but we’ve also come across headaches, rashes and other allergic type reactions.”

While anyone’s health can be affected by mold growth, young children, seniors and people who already have a health condition seem to be the most bothered.

As part of the mold inspection & testing Atlanta based MI&T includes a report that details if the home or business owner has a major mold problem that should be handled by an expert mold removal company. The company also performs a lot of mold inspections for people who are considering buying a piece of property. As anyone who has purchased a home or business that was later found to have toxic mold present knows quite well, being proactive with a mold test and inspection during the buying process is an excellent idea.

About Mold Inspection & Testing
Mold Inspection & Testing (MI&T) is now offering the entire metro Atlanta, Georgia area mold inspection and mold testing without a conflict of interest. The employees of the company work hard to confirm or deny the presence of indoor mold problems, identify the source, and detailed protocol for removal. Customers can trust the results as the company stands firm in taking no part in the mold remediation process. For more information, please visit http://www.moldinspectionatl.com