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Mold Remediation Vero Beach ServiceMaster by Glenn's Recently Dried out and Remediated a 4 Story Condo After a Water Main Break

Information on a major water removal and mold remediation provided by ServiceMaster by Glenn’s Vero Beach.


Vero Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- ServiceMaster by Glenn's continues to provide 24/7 response to flood and water damage victims across Southern Florida. ServiceMaster provides these professional and state certified services in any flooding or water damage emergency, not only natural disasters. Recently ServiceMaster was called in to dry out and prevent mold and water damage on a four story luxury condo when a water main ruptured inside the wall of the top floor. This type of large scale water removal is the hallmark of ServiceMaster. They immediately dispatched several teams to provide a coordinated water removal and mold remediation efforts across the four stories facing extensive water damage if not immediately dried. ServiceMaster was able to provide these water removal, cleaning and restoration services in time to prevent the bulk of the damage from becoming permanent.

The approach ServiceMaster uses for a large loss recovery, and commercial property recovery, is similar to the approach for a major water main break in a multiple story residential property. Teams of expert water removal and mold remediation specialists move in quickly. This ensures that the water damage is minimal and that mold does not onset. Areas are initially drained of standing and running water safely with concerns paid to electricity and other potential hazards caused by the invasive water.

ServiceMaster teams then carefully air dry the entire area floor by floor and use specialty chemicals and approaches to ensure the water damage is minimal. Mold remediation specialists work with any extensively water damaged areas to ensure the onset of potentially toxic molds is mitigated, and the areas can be safely returned to after drying. In this instance, every condo in the four story tower was spared, and the interior decorations of most of the individual units were able to be recovered with minimal damage. For more information on 24/7 flood removal services by ServiceMaster click here: Water Damage Specialists