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Mold Solutions & Inspections Now Offering Comprehensive Basement Wall Restoration


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- Customers in need of mold testing in Philadelphia have become accustomed to the reliable and professional service offered through Mold Solutions & Inspections. Many different services are provided through Mold Solutions & Inspections including: mold inspection, mold remediation, water damage restoration, bio-recovery, and much more. Now, Mold Solutions & Inspections is offering comprehensive basement wall restoration.

Unless located in an area where soil conditions don’t allow for a basement, chances are a given property will have a basement. In the past, a basement was often used sparingly and homeowners might visit their basement once or twice a week. Whether it was to wash clothes or work on a utility, many homeowners only used the basement as a place to work. Over the past several decades, basements have become more than just a storage area in millions of American homes. Now, basements serve as a retreat for many homeowners where games and entertainment take place. The pool table or the big screen television is now commonly found in the basement. That being said, people spend a much larger percentage of time in their basements than in years past.

With homeowners spending more time in their basements, Mold Solutions & Inspections is now offering basement wall restoration. Basement walls are often the most susceptible for mold growth within a home. Concrete companies will offer basement wall restoration. However, many companies will simply cement over problem areas and mold will continue to grow behind a wall unbeknownst to the homeowner. Mold Solutions & Inspections follows a regimented process during every basement wall restoration process. The service offered through Mold Solutions & Inspections includes: containment with air scrubbers and controls, removal of loose cement, disinfecting area, installation of wire, scratch, finish, and protective coat of cement. The professionals at Mold Solutions & Inspections will be more than happy to help any prospective customer with basement wall restoration.

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Mold Solutions & Inspections is proud to offer numerous mold inspection, remediation, water damage and bio recovery services for homeowners in the greater Philadelphia area. Not only are they certified but also insured in Mold Inspections, Remediation, Water Restoration and much more. The mold inspectors of Philadelphia are up to date with the leading edge technology, equipment and guidelines to take on any circumstance that may come about. With an immediate response team they will be there to assist anyone no matter what.

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