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Mold Solutions & Inspections Now Offering Evaluation and Mold Testing in Philadelphia This Spring 2013


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2013 -- Mold Solutions & Inspections is now offering evaluation and mold testing in Philadelphia this spring 2013. Spring allergies can be devastating to asthmatics and allergy sufferers across the country. Seasonal allergies are often attributed to pollen. With the arrival of spring, trees and flowers begin to bloom. The pollen soon becomes airborne and travels into the unwelcoming respiratory passages of millions of Americans. The body responds to these foreign airborne particles in a defensive manner, releasing histamines. However, seasonal allergies may be misdiagnosed and another source may actually be the culprit during the spring season.

Mold doesn’t typically grow outside during the winter because of the freezing temperatures. Mold is often the source of allergies beginning in early spring. The warm air in spring is responsible for the re-birth of vegetation. However, with added vegetation, mold has an opportunity to thrive. Furthermore, the added moisture that accompanies spring is a breeding ground for thousand of different mold types.

The peak of allergic response to outdoor mold will typically peak in the early summer. The most prone areas for mold growth include: moist areas, shaded areas, and heavily gardened areas. Unfortunately, for mold allergy sufferers, symptoms can be severe and medications may not be effective. The most common treatment for allergies is the use of anti-histamines. However, even a doctor will tell inform patients that the only way to avoid an allergic response to mold is to avoid the mold altogether. Easier said than done; however, there are many steps individuals can take to limit their encounters with aggravating mold spores.

Outdoors, individuals should avoid areas that are high in moisture. Additionally, a mask can be worn if an individual must be in an area with high mold count for an extended period of time. Certain molds can exist year round in the home, where temperatures are conducive to mold growth. Thankfully, Mold Solutions and Inspections can provide a comprehensive evaluation and mold testing in Philadelphia.

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